2021 Competition


Want to WIN $1,000 + two year's supply of FLAT SOCKS + Get YOUR design added to the FLAT SOCKS line-up?!

We love the prints and patterns our own design team has created, but what do YOU want to put on a FLAT SOCK? Follow the instructions below to submit your design(s), and you could be one of THREE WINNERS! It's as easy as Create - Vote - WIN! 

Submissions accepted until November 30th at 11:59pm (EST)


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What to create?

We want a design that is repeatable up and down, and left and right—it must be repeatable in all 4 directions. Smaller designs usually work best, but we're open to seeing how far you can take things! The best submission would be a square repeating tile design, we're recommending 500x500 pixels (see examples below) but if you want your design to be larger or smaller (within reason), it's your call. If you're designing in a square template, your design should only go over the edge if it's going to line up with a repeating design on the opposite edge (again, that goes for left-to-right edges as well at top-to-bottom edges)—see the examples here and further below.

This is a repeating tile:

This is NOT a repeating tile:

Feel free to design to your heart's content; you can submit any number of designs, but FLAT SOCKS will choose no more than one design per entrant as finalists are selected for the voting phase. (ownership rights will become ours only if your design is declared a winner at the end of the competition)

Files can either be a simple .jpg if submitting a completed and ready-to-repeat image tile.
If you're working in Adobe Illustrator, you may use this template: 500x500pixel square blank design template
If you're working in Adobe Photoshop, you may use this template: 500x500pixel square blank design template
If you're working in any other software, just make sure that it is set to 300dpi resolution!

If you are a design student or specialist and you're very familiar with Photoshop, after you've made your design, feel free to dive in and use this template to create your own mock-up (please avoid the temptation to merge or flatten or rasterize the layers, we'll be needing the assets come print time!)

If your submitted file is not a jpg: be sure that all text is rasterized and all images are fully embedded in the file (not referenced via your library), to avoid broken images on our end. Also, please avoid the temptation to merge or flatten layers. We won't alter your design, unless absolutely necessary for compatibility with our printing process.

If you are a winner, it will be imperative that your file is a 300dpi file to work for printing. Anything less than 300dpi in resolution will be ineligible. Be sure to create a 300dpi resolution image!


Design Examples

Examples of good design entries:

• 300dpi resolution
• either nothing touching edges, or repeating tile design

This example of a yellow circle in a white field is a good example, as it will repeat easily.


This example of a yellow circle with blue squares going past the edges into the corners is also a good example, although it may be slightly complicated to design, as it will repeat easily as it is tiled.


This example of a yellow circle and blue square is a BAD choice of design, as the elements go over the edges but do NOT line up to repeat as the design is tiled.


One last example of something we CANNOT do with FLAT SOCKS designs, is we cannot make a design that uses one large image intended to be framed the same way on every flat sock as they're produced. The reason the design is limited this way is because our method of production is to have the design printed onto large sheets of top-fabric, and then the FLAT SOCKS are cut out from the material after the fact. Here is a visual image of what would end up happening if we tried to do this:

We agree, this would be amazing; but as of now this type of design is just not possible. 

Another thing to keep in mind while we're pushing the boundaries, is that both left- and right- foot FLAT SOCKS are cut from the same pattern. We can't have one foot be a different color or have its design face a different direction; they are stamped like little sugar cookies from the same sweet sheet o' dough.


Regarding image resolution, we need the submitted designs to be at 300dpi and here are a couple more examples to demonstrate why. When our FLAT SOCKS are printed, they are printed at 300dpi. While a design at 72dpi may appear nice on your screen, it will be drastically reduced in size when printed at 300dpi. Consider the following:

(if you actually want your design to be small like this, then you would still have it set to 300dpi, but with a smaller image size like 100x100px.)

It's easy to accidentally forget to change the resolution settings as you are beginning your designs in software, or if you're scanning in something hand-illustrated, but if your submission is not 300dpi, it will not be eligible to be voted on and become a winner.

One last thing: the examples above use a square tile; your design submission can be square or rectangular, as long as the design repeats on all edges, as demonstrated above.


How to submit?

We've created a fun FORM to fill out! Things you'll be needing to complete the form are:
• your full (real) name*
• your birth date
• a link to your facebook profile (not required but recommended)
(on a desktop: go to facebook.com, click your name at either the top-left or top-right corner, then copy the address in your browser's url bar, paste it into the email // on mobile: tap on your profile image to the left of "what's on your mind?", tap the button with the "..." to the right of "+Add to Story" and "Edit Profile", and at the bottom there will be "Your Profile Link" with a very useful button that says "Copy Link" - then come on back to the email and paste it in there)
• your phone number (will not be used for marketing)*
• your home address (will not be used for marketing)*
• your design! Don't forget to attach the file(s)!*
*required for eligibility to compete

ENTER HERE! - we're taking entries until 11/30/2021 at 11:59pm (EST)


Rocking the Vote

After the design phase is over, staff at FLAT SOCKS will round up all of the eligible designs—mainly checking that we have all of the necessary information submitted, that the design is original content, brand-appropriate, printer-compatible, and other factors. Once all finalists are chosen, FLAT SOCKS staff will load them into a template like this:

FLAT SOCKS will publish a public photo album on our facebook page, and voting will commence! One like will count as one vote, and one share will count as two votes. After one week, the voting phase will be ended and votes will be tallied.


Being a Winner :)

The three designs with the largest number of votes will be declared winners. FLAT SOCKS will contact the winners, and announcements will be published in the photo album, on our facebook wall, throughout other social media, congratulating our FLAT SOCKS DESIGN CHALLENGE Winners! The winners will each get a $1,000 Amazon.com Gift Card, Two Year's Supply of FLAT SOCKS (24 pairs), and the bragging rights that go along with having their winning design placed into production to be sold alongside our regular catalog!

See the full Terms and Conditions here