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No Slip. No Stink. No Show.

No Sacrifices... all the benefits of a sock with none of the hassle!

shoes on the outside

Party on the inside.

FLAT SOCKS don't replace your shoes' insoles; they replace your socks. Free your feet and take care of your shoes!



FLAT SOCKS are great to use as a replacement for traditional socks. They are definitely a lot better than the “no show” liners that constantly need adjustments. They are very comfortable and easy to clean.


I have 5 pairs of these. Easy to trim! I hate socks so these fit in my cowboy boots, slip ons, tennis shoes & everything in between. I wash them on cold, gentle cycle in a lingerie bag.


So comfortable, they are great if you don’t like wearing socks in your shoes and they are washable! Love everything about FLAT SOCKS. I have 2 sets and I am going to order more!


I am a FLAT SOCKS fanatic. I just recently discovered FLAT SOCKS... they are life changing, I love them so much!


These are awesome. I wear slip on shoes like Bobs and Toms but now I have the FLAT SOCKS to put in them and it feels so much better and I can wash them. Love them!!


I love my FLAT SOCKS! I could never find a good fitting pair of socks for my loafers and flats and now I don’t have to since I discovered FLAT SOCKS.