Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How do I trim FLAT SOCKS for my shoes?

A: Two answers, you pick one:

  1. EASIEST OPTION: If your shoe has a removable insole, take it out and use it as a guide to cut your new FLAT SOCKS.  This will ensure your perfect fit.
  2. NEXT EASIEST OPTION (only other option): The shoes you're wearing don’t have a removable insole, first, complain.  THEN, count your blessings and flip your FLAT SOCKS over to find our trim guide on the back.  Use this to cut down to your size!


Q: Are FLAT SOCKS machine washable?

A: Yes, you wash them on a regular cycle with like-colors.


Q: Are FLAT SOCKS dryer safe?

A: Yes, you can toss them in the dryer.


Q: Do you offer Kid’s sizing?

A: We do not offer Kid’s sizing; however, all of our FLAT SOCKS are trim-to-fit. You can easily purchase a Small or Large pair and trim them down to fit any shoe size! Depending on the width of you child’s shoe, the Large FLAT SOCKS are wider than the Small’s and could provide more coverage.


Q: Does FLAT SOCKS offer gift cards for sale?

A: No, FLAT SOCKS does not currently offer gift cards for purchase.


Q: Does FLAT SOCKS ship internationally?

A: No, FLAT SOCKS does not currently ship internationally.


Q: How do I process a return?

A: Please call Customer Service at 1 (888) 237-3668 to process a return. For Hours of Operation please visit Customer Service.


Q: How much room will FLAT SOCKS take up in my shoes?

A: FLAT SOCKS are designed to take up the same amount of room, or less, than boring socks. The actual thickness of the FLAT SOCKS does differ slightly by material, please see chart below for exact measurements:

Product  Dimensions **
Small Size 11 5/8" long x 3 3/8" wide
Large Size 12 5/16" long x 3 3/4" wide
Microfiber Terrycloth 3/16" thick
3/16" thick
BK Mesh 1/8" thick *

**The length and width are at the longest point and widest point of the FLAT SOCK. The longest point for length is from heel-to-toe and the widest point is at the ball-of-foot. 


Q: What should I do with my old socks?

A: There are so many options and we are glad you asked! Don’t be a jerk and toss your socks in the trash, REUSE them!  We have a few suggestions on how to turn your tube socks into an everyday essential (just not for your feet).

  1. Sock Duster for around the house. Slip in on your hand and go to town on those blinds and hidden flat surfaces.
  2. Ice Pack Cover to keep your skin from freezing off when you need to apply cold packs to your skin.
  3. Car Cleaning Rag for when you decide to use a nice day to be productive and clean your dirty car, or to wipe off the whip before a first date.
  4. Sock Puppets because, why not!


Q: What is the difference between the different top cover materials?

A: Here's a handy dandy chart!

Material Non-Technical  Technical
Microfiber Terrycloth Closest material to a traditional sock; creates a plush environment for the foot. 100% polyester 2mm microfiber Terry; considered a 3D textile due to its many soft protruding threads.
BK Mesh Very similar to the mesh you find in athletic shoes; comfy and breathable. 100% polyester BK Mesh; a tighter knit material that is lower profile, can be considered more breathable due to the pattern woven into the knit.
Microwool Super soft and cushy  microwool material; it's not wool, but it feels similar. 100% polyester Micro Wool; a non-woven textile that has a lower profile than regular wool’s and fur’s.


Q: What is the FLAT SOCK made from?

A: FLAT SOCKS are made from a soft 100% polyurethane foam base cushion that serves several purposes. It keeps the attached top cover fabric in place beneath your feet, it holds its shape under pressure (no folding, wrinkling, or warping), ​it provides a slight cushioning underfoot, and the lower surface is nice and grippy which helps it stay put in place all day long! Also there's a sweet raised FLAT SOCKS logo, which looks amazing.