Best White Elephant Gifts for Christmas

Faux fur no show socks with Christmas bows and wrapping paper

Fun White Elephant Gifts for Under $25

Christmas gift exchanges are an exciting way to spread holiday joy, but they can be stressful or downright awkward when buying for people you don’t know. There’s no avoiding the elf-phant in the room. While the easy way out may seem like a generic gift card, you can get 3 pairs of FLAT SOCKS® for just $25 when you bundle and save.

From your office’s annual Secret Santa to your kid’s second grade white elephant gift swap, check out these silly and sensational white elephant gift ideas for $25 and under including our ultimate no-show socks for adults and kids. You’ll be sure to make a fa-la-la-la-lasting impression.

What is a White Elephant Gift?

Elephant Christmas ornament hanging on tree

White elephant gifts range from funny and unique to practical and genuine. Generally, you want to choose a gift you feel comfortable giving to anyone be they friend, third cousin twice removed, or random coworker you only met once. It is best to err on the side of usefulness, as these gifts are widely welcomed.

The white elephant gift you choose also depends on your host’s instructions. There might be a theme you have to follow like handmade gifts only or regifting something you’ve gotten from the previous year. Most white elephant gift exchanges have a budget to keep the presents fair.

The Rules of a White Elephant Gift Exchange

According to the Official White Elephant Gift Exchange Rules, every person brings a wrapped and unmarked gift to place in a common pool. Then, each participant draws a number to indicate the order in which gifts are selected and opened.

You’ll unwrap the gift in front of everyone, and then have the option to either keep it or “steal” one from a fellow player. There are only three steals allowed for each gift, so don't get attached to whatever you open. Buying a unique gift can stir up competition and prove entertaining as players vie for it back and forth.

White Elephant vs Secret Santa Gifts

A white elephant gift exchange, also known as a Yankee Swap for “The Office” fans or a Dirty Santa, is different from a Secret Santa. Secret Santa gifts are often personalized since you know the person whom you are buying for. The same kind of white elephant gifts can work for Secret Santa, from gag gifts to practical presents like blinker fluid, puffer jacket beer cozies, or funky refrigerator magnets.

10 Secret Santa & White Elephant Gift Ideas Under $25

Before buying a white elephant gift, consider the general vibe of the group, what the budget is, and the reaction you plan to get. Funny white elephant gifts tend to get the most attention especially for younger kids, but practical gifts like moisture-wicking socks are the most sought after by adults.

Santa Claus holding black boot and faux fur sock insert

Finding a balance between fun, unique, and functional is guaranteed to get you the best white elephant gift regardless of who receives it. Most of the gifts listed below double as stocking stuffers and make great Secret Santa gift ideas if you know the person’s interests.

FLAT SOCKS No Show Socks

Give them a gift they’ll actually want this holiday with FLAT SOCKS. The ultimate no show sock and best white elephant gift, FLAT SOCKS are moisture wicking sock inserts that don't slip, won’t stink, and never show. We have tons of classic colors and prints and patterns, as well as discount pairs on clearance.

FLAT SOCKS shoe inserts in stockings under Christmas tree

Faux fur FLAT SOCKS like our gray Koala socks and warm chestnut brown socks are the coziest and most winter ready pick that is guaranteed to win the crowd. You can also shop our most popular designs for bestsellers or choose a truly unique pattern like cow print, peachy rose, and rainbow.

In need of white elephant gift ideas for kids? FLAT SOCKS Kids are a hassle-free sock option for children who hate wearing socks and they come in fun designs like paint splatter, dinosaurs, rainbows, and Outerspace.

Face Masks

Give the gift of skin care with a set of face masks that target different skin types. These masks can be bought individually at beauty retailers and department stores or as complete sets online. The recipient will get to try something new and, as a bonus, you can throw in a skin soothing bath bomb.

Coffee Mug Warmer

A USB coffee mug warmer is a smart and useful gift for those who love a hot cup of joe. Find one with USB wired charging for convenient office use. Similar presents include a bag of gourmet coffee and an electric handheld milk frother for at-home lattes or cappuccinos.

Tea Infusers

Have more tea lovers than coffee drinkers in the gift pool? Tea infusers come in different designs, including fun animal shapes. Just make sure the infuser you buy is both dishwasher and microwave safe for added convenience.

Personal Garden and Grow Kits

Kitchen grow kits for parsley, cilantro, dill, basil, and other herbs allow you to skip the pricey store-bought herbs for a fresh, homegrown version. Most kits include everything the gift receiver will need. Grow kits are also available for other plants including flowers and mini bonsai trees.

Touchscreen Winter Gloves

Take the compromise out of cold hands versus legible text messages with a pair of cozy smart gloves. They feel ultra soft, keep hands warm, and have touchscreen sensitive fingertips so you can use all your devices while out in the cold.

Fidget Gifts

Fidget toys make the best white elephant gifts for kids including children with autism and little ones who have a hard time sitting still. They can help mitigate anxiety and relieve stress for teens and adults, too. Options include stress balls, puzzles, squishable putty, squeezable key chains, fidget cubes, and more. 

Exfoliating Foot Peel

We’re all about taking care of your foot health especially when it comes to managing sweaty feet. An exfoliating foot peel is a quirky yet surprisingly functional white elephant gift that gives users smooth, soft feet using natural extracts. It’s the gift everyone wants but they're too embarrassed to ask.

Kitchen Items

From a mini waffle maker to a set of cheese knives, kitchen gifts are well received because they include items someone might use every day or devices that are new and unusual. Other ideas include taco holders, an egg separator, and LED chopsticks.

Paint-By-Number Set

A step up from adult coloring books, paint-by-number art sets have all you need to complete your own masterpiece including a canvas, brush, and paints. For adults, choose copies of famous paintings like Van Gogh’s Starry Night. For kids, search for fun animal prints like giraffes, puppies, and sharks.

Get the Best White Elephant Gift with FLAT SOCKS

Buying the perfect gift for a white elephant gift exchange or Secret Santa doesn't have to be hard. FLAT SOCKS are the best white elephant gifts for everyone. Not only are they unique, but they’re also practical and affordable. Now that you have a list of white elephant gift ideas, we’re Claus-itive this will be the Christmas gift exchange that everyone remembers.

FLAT SOCKS shoe inserts in shape of Christmas tree