FLAT SOCKS Style Guide: What’s Your Aesthetic?

FLAT SOCKS Style Guide: What's Your Aesthetic?

Build Your Look with FLAT SOCKS

It seems every Instagram profile, Pinterest board, and TikTok influencer has an aesthetic. Wondering if this is something new that Gen Z just conjured up? Think again. Aesthetics have been mainstream for a long time, from the 90’s jocks and goths to the 2000’s scene queens and skater bois. Yeah, remember now?

Thanks to social media, there’s a more diverse assortment of aesthetics dominating today’s fashion. Keep in mind, living a non-aesthetic life is okay, too. That’s the whole point of being yourself, right? Refusing to stick to the status quo. (Okay, punk. Rage against any machines lately?)

Rainbow FLAT SOCKS in white boots on an Instagram grid

If you’re interested in trying out an aesthetic or molding your own, this guide on how to find your aesthetic can help. Featuring tons of patterns and classic colors, FLAT SOCKS also make it easy to build your look and capture the exact style you’re going for.

What is My Aesthetic?

How you express yourself visually determines your aesthetic. This might include your clothing, home decor, music tastes, social media presence, hobbies, and more. Your choice of clothes can also reveal a lot about your personality, character, and mood. In other words, if you’re a glass-half-full kind of person, it may show through in your wardrobe.

Man in street putting rainbow tie dye FLAT SOCKS in white boot

Is your favorite band-tee alone an aesthetic? Probably not, but pair it with ripped denim shorts, combat boots and aviators and you have soft grunge. To find your aesthetic clothing style, consider what accessories you like most and your go-to outfits. Note similarities between the colors, prints, or designs among the items in your closet.

Your personal tastes could never be crammed into a mold because you're too unique for that. However, pre-existing aesthetics can help you learn how to mix and match your look until you find what fits best.

Types of Aesthetics

When perusing through the following types of aesthetics with pictures, think about how each one relates to your personality or interests. To help you build your look, we’ve also picked out which pair of FLAT SOCKS works with each aesthetic, making it easier for you to get started. Find more designs, too, when you browse our clearance section.


Even comfortable clothes can make a statement with the streetwear aesthetic. This style of fashion is an art, combining the casual skater and surfer subcultures with the fresh feel of hip hop. Streetwear outfits feature baggy jeans, track pants, sneakers, graphic tees or crop tops, puffer jackets, and thick jewelry.

Man in streetwear placing brush stroke FLAT SOCKS into white shoe

Pops of color on top of basic neutrals are common street inspired color palettes. From our vivid Brush Stroke and Paint Splatter prints to Black Check FLAT SOCKS, we make comfortable feel cool.

Three streetwear aesthetic FLAT SOCKS in shoes


With its origins in the 1980’s, grunge aesthetic is perfect for the rebels and the misfits. Think goth counterculture. Rejecting tradition and trends, the look is a little bit punk and a dash of heavy metal with untidy, worn, and dark clothes. Heavy platform boots or sneakers are necessary as are plaid flannels, torn denim, and faded band tees.

Get comfy and stay edgy with Green Plaid FLAT SOCKS or Electric Magenta FLAT SOCKS for your grunge look.

Three grunge aesthetic FLAT SOCKS in shoes


The new it-girl of the 21st century, e-girl aesthetic started as a look characterized by gamers. Popularized by YouTube streaming and Twitch, the e-girl style borrows its looks from anime and is open to all genders despite the name. Nerdy, cute, and a little dark, the aesthetic features strong eye makeup, brightly colored hair, miniskirts with mesh tights, cosplay outfits, and quirky accessories.

Pink and Aqua FLAT SOCKS are a super cute match for e-girl hair colors. Want dark and adorable? Check out Rainbow FLAT SOCKS.

Three e-girl aesthetic FLAT SOCKS in shoes


Named after an Instagram photo editing software, VSCO (visco) aesthetic exudes a carefree Cali lifestyle with beachy accessories and a laidback fit. High waisted light wash jeans or shorts, oversized T-shirts, scrunchies, and white sneakers or Birkenstock sandals are core to VSCO outfits. Bright pastels, skater aesthetic checked prints, and environmentally friendly accessories are also popular.

Woman placing blue green ombre FLAT SOCKS inside blue sneakers

Looking for the perfect VSCO inspired sockless shoe insole for Vans or an insert for Hey Dude shoes? Feel that ocean breeze with Coral Check and Tropical Sunset FLAT SOCKS or dream of sea turtles with Blue Green Ombre FLAT SOCKS.

Three VSCO aesthetic FLAT SOCKS in shoes


Y2K fashion style is trendy to a tee, but with more focus on what was trending in the 90’s. Dreaming of a technologically advanced future with metallic clothes and neon accessories was all the rage. Y2K aesthetic is vivid and playful, featuring baby tees, cartoonish prints, tracksuits, denim on denim, and of course those chunky sneakers.

Stuck in the year two thousand without the right socks? Chillax. Our black and white checkered, neon, and Wednesdays only Pink Camo FLAT SOCKS are totally fetch for all your Y2K outfits.

Three Y2K aesthetic FLAT SOCKS in shoes



Are you an aspiring IG model or social media beauty guru? Rooted in empowerment and growing body confidence, the baddie aesthetic revolves around mainstream media trends and iconic celebrities like the Kardashians. Designer pieces, heavy makeup, camo tops, bodycon dresses, sweatpants, name brand hoodies, and long acrylic nails are some baddie inspired trends.

Leopard print FLAT SOCKS inside pink FILA sneakers


Need a barefoot shoe insert for your Nikes or Adidas? Green and Black Camo FLAT SOCKS are easy to fit into your sneakers whether you’re at the gym or out with the boys. As for those baddie ankle booties, check out Leopard Print FLAT SOCKS.

Three baddie aesthetic FLAT SOCKS in shoes

Soft Girl

The soft girl aesthetic is yet another TikTok born subculture inspired by 1990’s fashion. This cute, nostalgic style includes bright pastels, shades of pink or purple, and soft, cozy neutrals. Capture this sweet, innocent look with mom jeans, pleated skirts, crop tops, oversized sweaters, pinafore dresses, jumpers, and white sneakers or blush pink pumps.

Although soft girl socks aesthetic usually features frilly crew socks, our pink or Purple Passion FLAT SOCKS and floral designs are just the right match for this cozy-cute look.

Three soft girl aesthetic FLAT SOCKS in shoes

Light/Dark Academia

This fashion aesthetic focuses on the styles of prep school students, mimicking clothes worn at Ivy League colleges like Harvard or Yale. Influenced by upper-class European culture, academia fashion reflects a love for higher education, literature, and studying the classics. Turtlenecks, cardigans, checkered pants, blazers, and Dr. Martens all hone this sophisticated yet comfortable look.

For light academia vibes, dress in soft neutrals with Light Heather Grey and Sand FLAT SOCKS. Since the dark academia aesthetic features deeper browns, greens, and navy blues, Blue Plaid or Navy FLAT SOCKS fit loafers or Mary Janes with perfection.

Three light / dark academia aesthetic FLAT SOCKS in shoes


Hi, how are ya? I’m normal. What started with a little sponge under the sea became a recent trend in today’s fashion. Normcore is all about classic dress, focusing on simple essentials that look good and feel comfortable. If blending into the crowd is okay with you, stick to basics like denim jeans, a white t-shirt, mules or loafers, and athleisure outfits.

Woman in athleisure clothing holding white shoe with grey FLAT SOCKS


Wear the simple socks in life with our classic Black FLAT SOCKS or the slightly more subtle and cozy Dark Heather Grey FLAT SOCKS.

Three normcore aesthetic FLAT SOCKS in shoes


Are you a Swiftian who loves floral prints, picnics, and flowing dresses or billowing button downs with suspenders? Cottagecore aesthetic romanticizes countryside living, celebrating a simple, sustainable lifestyle surrounded by nature. This pastoral look is perfect for fans of shabby chic fashion and hobbies that involve gardening, baking, knitting, or sitting out in nature to write poetry.

Match your favorite floral print dress with Peachy Rose FLAT SOCKS or browse nature inspired hues like Forest Green FLAT SOCKS.

Three cottagecore aesthetic FLAT SOCKS in shoes


To the independent thinkers and peaceful individualists, the indie aesthetic represents the free-to-be-me philosophy. This quirky, somewhat hippie style features bright, sunny colors. Next time you go thrifting at your fave second-hand boutique, look for indie clothing like low rise flare jeans, bright crop tops, band t’s, bandanas, denim jackets, and mushroom jewelry.

Person holding white sneakers with citrus tie dye FLAT SOCKS

Let your freak flag fly as you vibe along with Citrus and Rainbow Tie Dye FLAT SOCKS or check out vintage floral designs like Mosaic Bloom.

Three indie aesthetic FLAT SOCKS in shoes


Cowboy or Country Girl

Whether you’re from out west or just a small, midwestern town, the country girl or cowboy aesthetic may have caught your eye a time or two. Classic bootcut blue jeans, stylized belt buckets, and faded tees have a natural feel for country living, especially those who are hard at work on the farm (yes, Animal Farm, too).

Put on your cowboy hat or faded ball cap and slip a pair of Cow Print or Chestnut FLAT SOCKS into your boots for comfort and style that’ll last ya till the cows come home.

Three country aesthetic FLAT SOCKS in shoes

How FLAT SOCKS Fit Your Aesthetic

Imagine you’ve got the perfect look from your hair to those baggy sweatpants and the Reebok’s with the straps, but...those socks? They just don’t fit. Traditional socks can ruin an outfit, but they don’t have to. FLAT SOCKS are the perfect no-show solution when you want to put your individual style on display – not your socks.

Girl in flannel and beanie holding sneakers with FLAT SOCKS inside

These barefoot shoe inserts are the perfect aesthetic socks because they match your style without showing on the outside, so you can hone your look exactly how you want. They fit inside any shoe and come in a variety of designs. If you're going for a particular aesthetic that requires a sockless look, then FLAT SOCKS are the answer.