How to Shop for Kid’s Clothing

Woman with daughter shopping for kid’s clothes

A Guide to Buying Clothes for Kids

Growth spurts, new school years, and family photos all have one thing in common: buying new clothes. Shopping for kid's clothes can be challenging for some parents and perhaps more difficult if you’re shopping for a relative or close friend. Besides, children can be picky about the clothes they wear, transforming your morning into a tantrum minefield.

How do you choose the right clothes for your kid? Save yourself time and effort with these tips for buying kid’s clothing. Pro tip: FLAT SOCKS® Kids are a fun, affordable, tantrum-free solution when shopping for a kid who hates socks – or really loves rocketships and rainbows.

Assorted FLAT SOCKS Kids with kid’s clothing and shoes

The 3 Basic Rules

Don’t have time to read through the list and need a quick overview? There are three basic rules to follow when it comes to buying children’s clothing:

1. Comfort: Kids who are uncomfortable aren’t happy. Kids who aren’t happy don’t want to wear uncomfortable clothing. Choose pieces made from comfortable, soft fabrics that are easy to pull on and take off.
2. Functionality: Consider how your child likes to play and what clothes suit their activities. Practical, durable clothing is a smart pick for playtime outside or indoors. Keep in mind the climate you live in and whether layers are an option.
3. Preference: Choosing clothes your kid likes increases the likelihood those pieces will be worn. Involving your child in the process boosts their confidence and puts a stop to morning arguments over getting dressed, especially for kids who won’t wear socks.

Little girl looking through kid’s clothes in store

What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing Clothes for Kids?

All children are individuals with their own unique tastes. However, some kids might not be ready to pick out their clothes. That’s where you come in. When deciding where to shop for kid's clothes and what kinds of clothes your kid should wear, follow these helpful tips:

Little boy holding shirt in kid’s clothing store

Pick Quality Materials

Active children need durable clothing made from quality materials. Always ensure that the clothes you choose are machine washable, like FLAT SOCKS Kids, and made from fabrics that won’t stain easily. Kid’s shoes should also have decent cushion and support so your child can move and play comfortably without worrying about foot pain.

Toddler boy playing outside on bench holding FLAT SOCKS Kids shoe insert

Choose Softer Fabrics

Itchy or tight clothing is uncomfortable and distracting. Sensory-friendly clothing is a great option, since it’s soft, breathable, and allows for freedom of movement. Opt for clothes made from natural cotton, fleece, denim, and chambray as well as athletic clothing.

Soft fabrics are less irritating, which is ideal for infants and toddlers who have sensitive skin. Likewise, you want to avoid designs like strings, fringe, appliques, sequins, and scratchy materials that may cause irritation or become potential hazards.

Know When to Shop Clearance

Many families are on a budget, but you can still find quality clothing at a low price by shopping clearance items, using online discount codes, and buying second-hand. Spend less on play clothes, since these are more likely to get dirty or torn, and buy formal wear second hand, as it’s usually only worn once or twice. Consider choosing clothes that will make good hand-me-downs for younger siblings, too.

Shopping Online vs In Store

The Internet can be the best place to shop for kid's clothes with so many sites offering a diverse selection of tops, skirts, pants, shoes, and more. This is a popular option for busy parents, though some prefer shopping in store so they can touch the materials and ensure they’re a good fit.

If you do choose to shop for kid’s clothing online, do your due diligence as some sites have awkward sizing and use subpar fabrics. Carefully read reviews, understand the return policy, and read size charts. Save money by signing up for promos and buying out of season.

Kid’s clothing store

Shop the Basics

Before you overspend on that adorable suspender ensemble for your toddler, consider what basics they need first. T-shirts, plain shorts, jeans, leggings, and jackets in simple colors are easy items to mix and match or layer according to season. You can quickly fill out your child’s wardrobe with clothing that’s always in style.

Boy’s shirt, pants, and vest

Understand Sizing

Kid’s clothing sizes are usually based on their age; however, this changes as they get older. For babies, sizes start at newborn and go up in three-month intervals until they reach 24 months. Toddlers are similar, with sizes like 2T, 3T, 4T and XS.

Girls and boys follow the same sizing standards from four to six years old, then branch off. A size 4 is a small, size 5 a medium, up to size 7, an extra-large. What about socks? FLAT SOCKS are trimmable no-show socks for kids that fit toddlers and children, making it easy to find the perfect fit.

Parent trimming FLAT SOCKS Kids sock

Stay on Trend

Buy kid’s clothes that are trending. You can find out what styles are popular by looking at magazines, browsing Pinterest, or simply asking your child. By being able to wear similar clothing to their peers, kids will feel more inclusive and confident.

Let Them Choose!

Letting kids wear what they want is encouraged, as long as it’s weather and school appropriate. Kids who get to pick what they wear feel more empowered, which helps boost self-esteem. Fun patterns like paint splatter and dinosaur FLAT SOCKS also make it fun to wear clothing they originally didn’t like.

Many children have a good understanding of what they like to wear early on, whether that’s princess dresses and cowboy hats or leggings and flannels. Find a way to translate that into everyday wear by selecting skirts, dresses, or graphic tees with their favorite superhero or cartoon character.

Girl in princess dress placing rainbow FLAT SOCKS Kids into ballet flats 

FLAT SOCKS Kids: The Best Socks for Kids

The easiest way to shop for kid’s socks is choosing FLAT SOCKS Kids. These seamless socks for kids won’t slip around or bunch up, and they go inside your child’s shoe, not on their feet. That means no more fussing over socks that won’t stay on. Not only are FLAT SOCKS soft and cushy, but they’re also moisture-wicking and breathable. Plus, they come in fun patterns kids love.