What Are The Best Sock Inserts For Going Sockless?

FLAT SOCKS blue sockless insole compared to a plain grey sockless insert

FLAT SOCKS® vs The Other Guys

When you don’t like wearing socks with shoes, you need a sock alternative that keeps your feet comfortable and your shoes fresh. Sockless insoles give you all the benefits of socks without you having to wear them. Choosing the right pair helps you avoid embarrassing foot smell, sweaty feet, or wasting your money.

Ready to go sockless? FLAT SOCKS make it easy to free your feet comfortably and in style as the ultimate no show socks. To help you decide on the best sockless insoles for you, this guide compares FLAT SOCKS with other brands on the market.

Sneaker with no sock insert inside on blue and yellow background

What makes FLAT SOCKS the best sock inserts?

We designed FLAT SOCKS to address what people didn’t like about regular socks and what people disliked when they chose to go without socks. From our non-slip, seamless design to moisture-wicking fabric that helps get rid of stink, it’s all part of what makes us the best no show sock inserts for everyone.

Learn what FLAT SOCKS are all about and how they take the hassle out of wearing boring, normal no-show socks.

Differences Between FLAT SOCKS and Other Sockless Insoles

Sockless insoles are cushioned inserts that make it easier for you to wear no socks. They classify as no show socks that fit into your shoe and cover the top of your shoe’s original insole.

The sockless inserts made by other brands including Dr. Scholl’s® Go Sockless!, pedag®, NotSocks®, and Gekks® have a unique approach to going sockless. When compared to FLAT SOCKS, these brands differ in design, materials, fit, and other important features listed below:

FLAT SOCKS sockless insoles compared to other brands of sockless inserts

Color & Design

Famous actor Gary Oldman is quoted saying, “You choose your friends by their character and your socks by their color.” Your friends aren’t boring. You’re not boring. Why should your socks be?

FLAT SOCKS is the only no sock insert brand that has a variety of classic colors and fun prints to choose from. Other sockless brands have a limited color selection, bringing less personality to your wardrobe.

While only your shoes show on the outside, there’s still a party on the inside with FLAT SOCKS. You can find seasonal patterns and unique textures like soft faux fur FLAT SOCKS, perfect for all seasons, casual shoes, boat shoes, boots, and more.

Seven shoes with FLAT SOCKS sockless inserts inside

Quality Materials

Have you ever bought a pair of socks that didn’t last you more than a couple weeks? We hate that. Quality materials are important when choosing the right sockless socks and insoles.

Some inserts are made to last months with regular wear. Others struggle standing up to daily use because of thin materials or friction from slipping in the shoe.

FLAT SOCKS have a slim design with supportive, cushy foam that cushions your feet without interfering with the fit of your shoes. Their slightly firm, textured foam bottom stays in your shoe without moving around. This ensures each insert stays in place without slipping or bunching up when taking your foot in and out of the shoe.

FLAT SOCKS are also available in different types of premium fabrics unlike other brands that solely focus on the sock feel. Our socks come in soft microfiber terrycloth, cozy microwool for a wool-sock feel, classic microplush, and breathable mesh.

Person placing sockless insert into white tennis shoe

Trim-to-Fit & Sizing

Ditching your socks is easy, so why not make it even easier to find your size? While some brands stick to unisex sizing, FLAT SOCKS and other trim-to-fit inserts make it simple to get an exact size. FLAT SOCKS has more sizes available for different foot shapes and lengths including kids. They’re made to fit all your shoes, so you don’t have to buy a shoe-specific liner either.

FLAT SOCKS come in two trimmable options: Small (up to a women’s shoe size 11 and men’s size 10) and Large (up to a women’s shoe size 13+ and men's size 14). Do you have a child who hates socks, too? With FLAT SOCKS Kids, toddlers and children can go sock free with kid’s no sock inserts in toddler sizes 8 to 13 and kid’s sizes 1 to 4.

FLAT SOCKS have an easy-to-follow trim guide on the back of each insert. Measurements fit your shoe size, so you can wear them in both shoes with and without removeable insoles.

Woman trimming sockless shoe insert

Moisture Wicking & Odor Control

So you want to go sockless but you’re too busy sweating the details? If you struggle with sweaty feet or smelly feet, going sockless with a moisture wicking sock insert can help reduce wetness and odor. Most brands have moisture absorbing qualities, but true sockless inserts also help eliminate odor.

FLAT SOCKS have a top layer of moisture-wicking fabric that pulls sweat away from the feet to help control sweat. They also have built-in odor control technology to absorb the stink, keeping your feet and shoes dry and fresh. With our “No Stink” feature, there’s no more worrying over embarrassing odor coming from your shoes.

Machine Washable

Like normal socks, sock inserts need cleaned regularly to maintain freshness and support healthy feet. Some brands make it a pain to keep your socks clean from hand-wash only to special cleaning solutions and just plain unclear instructions. You either wash them, replace them more often, or stick them in your shoes and fuh-get about it.

Why make it hard on yourself to keep your socks clean? FLAT SOCKS are machine washable and dryer safe. They’re easy to care for and you get more value over time with a cleaner sock. For best results, machine wash cold and tumble dry low.


How much something costs in comparison to its quality matters when choosing between similar products. Quite a few sockless insole brands sell their products in multi-packs for between $10 and $20. You get two or three of the same pairs of socks for a single cost and cannot buy them individually.

Other brands offer a single pair for a lesser price. Sometimes, you end up paying half the cost or more for shipping than the product itself.

The average price for a single pair of FLAT SOCKS is $9.99. While this price gets you one pair, you can also shop regular sales as well as clearance. With the bundle and save discount, you can get multiple pairs of FLAT SOCKS at a discount just for shopping more styles. We also offer free shipping on most orders above $19.95 with minimal exclusions.

Which no sock insert is better?

Barefoot insoles, liners, and sockless inserts like FLAT SOCKS, Dr. Scholl’s® Go Sockless!, pedag®, NotSocks®, and Gekks® are changing the no show sock game. They all have the same purpose of helping you wear no socks, but with a different approach and innovative designs. 

FLAT SOCKS is the happy medium between your sock hate and your dislike for sweaty shoes. Compared to the other guys, you’ll find greater variety, quality materials, an easier fit, and more size options, making FLAT SOCKS the best insoles for no socks.

Women’s flats with leopard print sockless inserts inside

Free Your Feet & Go Sockless with FLAT SOCKS

No socks? Not a problem. FLAT SOCKS are the ultimate no show sock for sock haters and shoe lovers. Embrace the freedom to wear shoes without socks, and find with your favorite pair from unique colors and prints. The no slip, no stink, and no hassle design will have you looking and feeling your best.

Still not sure which no socks insert you’ll like best? See why people love FLAT SOCKS and what they have to say about our no show socks when you visit our review page.

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