10 Things That Can Ruin an Outfit

Woman standing outside wearing layers of clothing

Which Fashion Faux Pas are Ruining Your Style?

Most fashion mistakes are details we overlook like dirty tennis shoes, pilling sweaters, and that annoying loose thread on your sleeve. Other mishaps are tied to how you dress from wearing the wrong socks to being a little too trendy. Make amends with your style by putting an end to these top ten fashion faux pas with easy fixes like wearing the best no show socks.

Woman holding a pair of white shoes with FLAT SOCKS no show socks inside

1. The Wrong Socks

Socks are the last thing you think about when getting dressed, but they can be the first thing to ruin your outfit. Stop socks from stinking up your shoes and your look with the right pair. FLAT SOCKS® no show socks for women and men are the best socks for Toms®, HeyDudes, Sperry® boat shoes, and even your office flats, loafers, and ankle boots.

Man wearing no show socks and man holding shoe with sockless shoe insert

Ugly crew socks peeking through your high tops? Dingy dress socks bringing down your tailored suit? If you want the attention to be on your style and not your socks, FLAT SOCKS are the ultimate no show socks for any outfit. Just slip them into your shoes and enjoy the soft, cushy feel minus the odor, sweat, and bulky look of regular socks.

2. Dirty Shoes

You wash your clothes, so why not your shoes? Like the rest of your outfit, shoes are an extension of who you are and a stained pair of sneakers or scuffed up boots doesn’t look very good. Cleaning them once a month by hand can make your shoes last longer and improve the appearance of your outfits.

Always clean your shoes according to the material and avoid tossing them in the washing machine as this can do more harm than good. Afterwards, give them some breathing room by storing them in a dedicated space in your closet or entryway. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight as this can cause fading and consider filling your shoes with newspaper to help retain their shape.

3. Uncomfortable Shoes

An uncomfortable pair of shoes can make you regret your outfit choice with every step. When you try to recreate that look, you’ll have a tough time finding the right shoes and might avoid the fit altogether. Don’t waste your money or time on an uncomfortable pair of shoes. Give your look a boost of comfort with sockless shoe inserts featuring soft, moisture wicking fabric and subtle cushioning.

Woman placing non-slip shoe insert into white flat

Other no-show socks aren’t true no shows or they constantly slip over your heel, wrinkling up and forcing you to adjust them throughout the day. FLAT SOCKS have a grippy surface underneath, so they never slip, and you won’t be messing around with tedious socks all day. They can also be used in all your shoes, making it a breeze to swap those heels for your favorite pair of slip-ons.

4. Wearing Clothes that Don’t Fit

Some clothes are designed to look baggy or skin-tight, but when you wear the wrong size, it can be uncomfortable and unflattering. Chances are your entire wardrobe isn’t one-size-fits-all, since the sizes of many clothing brands can vary.

Woman holding up shirt to mirror in clothing store

If you try on a piece of clothing and think it looks awkward in the mirror, it may not be the right size. Consider trying on different sizes of the same piece or pairing clothes of opposite proportions such as a baggy pullover with leggings or a puffer jacket with skinny jeans.

5. Sweat Stains

Sweat stains, deodorant marks, and wet splotches on your underarms can wreck your look. Clean sweat stains off shirts, hat brims, or blouses by soaking the stains in a solution of two parts warm water and one part white vinegar for half an hour. If the stains are still there, blot them with hydrogen peroxide, then wash like normal.

Woman with sweat mark on underarm of shirt

Most of the time, you can brush deodorant marks off. Preventing sweaty anxiety attacks from ruining your job interview or big class presentation, however, is another story. When dealing with excessive sweat or hyperhidrosis, use an antiperspirant and talk to your doctor about ways to prevent and treat excessive sweating.

6. Wrinkles & Creases

If you thought ironing your clothes was out of style, think again. Well-ironed blouses, button downs, and pants are stylish, sophisticated, and void of distracting creases. Rather than looking like you just rolled out of bed, take a few minutes to iron your clothes before getting dressed. No need for an iron board as handheld steamers are a modern solution to quick and easy wrinkle-free clothing.

7. Pilling Clothes

Over-washing your clothes and mistreating delicate material can cause fabric pilling where the fibers of your clothes loosen and become tangled, turning into little balls of thread. This can make your clothes appear extra worn.

Pilling sweater next to a fabric shaver and pile of loose fabric

Stop clothes from pilling by washing your clothes inside out on a delicate cycle and hanging them to dry. Not only will this make them last longer, but it will also prevent your outfits from looking dingy. Another option to get rid of fabric pilling is by using a handheld fabric shaver, a safety razor, or a lint roller.

8. Being Too Trendy

High fashion was meant for the runway, not your nine-to-five. Going overboard with trending styles can ruin the authenticity of your own style and look a little, well, funky. Instead of going all out with seasonal trends, incorporate a few of your favorites like leopard print or sandy beige accessories into your basic wardrobe for an updated yet timeless look.

Models on a runway

9. Not Knowing How to Match Clothes

Putting pieces of clothing together to match can be a struggle. Usually, short-lived trends decide what’s in style and what matches, but there are some rules about matching clothing that never go out of style. That’s why they call them classics, right?

The right way to match clothes for a well put-together look is to have a healthy balance of solid hues, patterns, and neutrals. You might play with different shades of the same color or pair a bold print with a basic neutral piece. You don’t want to have too many prints, or it will look a little too “matchy.” To stop a monochrome look from being bland, mix in accessories with different textures like faux fur or metallic.

10. Not Being Yourself

Going out of your comfort zone to explore the latest looks and try new things is good for you, but sometimes it really is best to stick to the old tried-and-true. When trends don’t feel like you, but you try them anyway, you’ll not only have a hard time enjoying what you’re wearing, but you’ll also struggle with styling your outfits accurately. Seek out trends that suit your aesthetic instead.

Woman in floral dress outside placing sockless shoe insert in yellow shoes

Fix Your Style with FLAT SOCKS

FLAT SOCKS no show socks are fashion lifesavers. Their no-show and non-slip design gives you the freedom to dress how you want without uncomfortable or unsightly socks getting in your way. Available in a range of classic colors and patterns, FLAT SOCKS are the best no show socks for when you’re trying to avoid fashion mistakes and stay in style.

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