Back to School Clothes Shopping with FLAT SOCKS® Kids

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The Ultimate Back to School Clothes Shopping List

Back to school shopping is an exciting time. It’s a new grade with new opportunities, giving your shining star a chance to show off their style with a new wardrobe. Buying all new clothes plus supplies and dealing with in-store tantrums is stressful for parents financially and emotionally.

Before you decide to just give in and let them wear that tutu or superhero cape to school, learn how to shop and save on your kid’s back to school clothes with FLAT SOCKS. Our back-to-school shopping list is the best and easiest way to prep in style. The ultimate no show kid’s sock, FLAT SOCKS Kids make getting dressed in the mornings a breeze.

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How many clothes do you need for back to school?

How many clothes a child needs and what types of clothing depends on their age, gender, activity level, personal style, and individual needs. For example, if your child has sensory processing disorder, they’ll need sensory friendly clothing to feel comfortable and confident in school, such as seamless socks for kids.

As a rule of thumb, your child should have at least one top and bottom pair outfit for every day of the week. The less laundry you have to do the better, but you still want to remain on budget and avoid over-buying.

Start your list by checking with the school for specific clothing requirements or restrictions. If your child wears a uniform to school, see what the uniform consists of and plan to buy one school week’s worth of shirts and two to three pairs of pants. Then, look through your kid’s closets to see what they already have that still fits and compare it to what they need.

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Where to Go Back to School Shopping for Clothes

Kids grow like weeds and summer activities can turn any dress shirt into a playtime shirt quickly. When shopping for kid’s clothes, the best places for back to school clothes shopping are those where you know you can get everything they need. It might be tempting to shop the sales across multiple retailers, but all that running around wastes more in gas money than it saves.

Go to a store where you know your kids can find what they like. Secondhand stores, major retailers, and off-price department stores usually have tons of variety and sales. Of course, you can always shop online through different sites and apps for the best deals and convenient delivery as well as free returns if the sizing does not match.

For kid’s school uniforms, most stores have basics like slacks, khakis, plain polos, or skirts. Ask your school if they recommend specific stores or see if they have a uniform catalogue. Dollar stores also have tons of accessories like hair ties, jewelry, gloves, scarves, and more to fill out your kid’s wardrobe for less.

How to Save on Back-to-School Clothes

Kid’s clothes aren’t cheap and inflation plus less disposable income certainly doesn’t help curb those costs. A 2023 survey predicts that parents will spend upwards of $597 per child on back-to-school spending, prioritizing supplies while pulling back on apparel and tech. This cost added to other bills and school fees can pack a punch on many parents’ bank accounts.

Back to school clothes sales and state sponsored tax-free weekends (for other school supplies) are two of the easiest ways to save on back-to-school shopping. Some Parent Teacher Associations (PTA) and other school funds are also available to help families afford supplies. If you need assistance with school supply costs, you can find help through many churches and charity organizations.

One of the best ways to save on back to school clothes is to bundle and save, which is how FLAT SOCKS saves parents money on kid’s socks along with our clearance deals. Other ways to save on back to school clothes include:

  • Shopping in opposite seasons, such as shopping for fall clothes in spring
  • Upcycling shoes or clothing by repairing them or crafting new accessories
  • Buying generic brands vs brand name
  • Purchasing clothes like shirts or underwear in value packs
  • Using coupons offered online, in your favorite store’s app, or in paper ads

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Back to School Shopping List: Clothes, Shoes & Accessories

Do you have a child who hates socks? FLAT SOCKS are no show socks that go in your shoes, not on your feet, so they won’t cramp your kid’s style and they’ll make getting dressed on school mornings easy. Take it from the pros: our back to school clothes shopping list features all the basics your family needs from tops and bottoms to the best socks for kids who hate socks:

Girl on bench placing kid’s seamless sock into pink kid’s shoe

Basic Apparel

A typical back to school clothes shopping list might include:

  • 2-4 long sleeve shirts, including a couple of dress shirts
  • 4-6 T-shirts
  • 3-5 pairs of jeans
  • 2-3 pairs of other pants, including shorts, leggings, or skirts
  • 2-3 sweaters, including pullovers or hoodies
  • 1-2 dresses, if desired
  • 1 set of gym clothes, if needed
  • 10-14 pairs of underwear
  • 3-5 bras, including sports bras
  • 1 pair of tights, if needed
  • 7-10 pairs of normal socks
  • 2-3 pairs of FLAT SOCKS no-show socks for kids

Winter Clothes & Outerwear

Prepare ahead of time for rainy fall mornings at the bus stop and playing in the snow at recess with:

  • 1 winter coat
  • 1 windbreaker or rain jacket
  • 1 pair of all-weather boots such as snow boots or rain boots
  • Gloves or mittens
  • A scarf
  • A winter hat
  • An umbrella

School Shoes

A fresh pair of kicks makes any outfit, so rock your look with FLAT SOCKS for Kids. The best socks for kid’s canvas slip-ons, sneakers, dress shoes, and more, FLAT SOCKS won’t ruin your look like normal socks and they’re no slip and no stink. Use them in your back to school shoes! Shoes your kid might need for school are:

  • 2 pairs of sneakers, one for play and one for gym class
  • 1 pair of casual shoes
  • 1 pair of dress shoes


Part of back to school shopping is finding stuff that lets your child express themselves whether they like Outerspace and dinosaurs or rainbows and unicorns. That’s why FLAT SOCKS have so much variety from our kid’s selection to our classic and patterned FLAT SOCKS for older children (and adults, too).

Other must-have accessories may include:

  • A backpack
  • A belt
  • Hair ties and clips
  • A keychain with your house keys and information
  • A kid’s wristwatch, preferably water resistant and affordable
  • Jewelry for kids such as bracelets earring studs, and a necklace

Shop & Save on Back to School with FLAT SOCKS

It’s hard enough trying to keep your little ones under control as you shop, which is why we’ve made it easier to shop for back to school clothes with a complete list of what they need. FLAT SOCKS not only simplifies your morning routine by eliminating sock tantrums, we also make it easy to shop and save on back to school shopping.


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