Best Dorm Room Organization Tips

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Your Top 16 Organization Hacks for College Dorms

Your college dorm is more than a bed, a desk, and a closet. It's your new home, where you’ll study hard, meet new friends, maybe even solve climate change or develop the next best investing app. Anything is possible, and with these best dorm room storage ideas and organization hacks, you can hone your space and fill it with all the college essentials like FLAT SOCKS® no show socks.

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How can I maximize my dorm space?

College dorm rooms are limited on space, and yet somehow, you’re supposed to use that room to study, eat meals, sleep, gather with friends, and store all your belongings. On top of that, you’ll likely have to share it all with a roommate. Want to prevent your dorm from becoming a cluttered mess? You can make the most of your space when you:

  • Plan ahead - Some colleges have an early move-in option, which is a great time to settle into your new home and get an idea of the space you have.
  • Pack smart - When packing for college, try to take only what you need even if that means leaving half your shoe collection behind. If you live close to home, just pick up the rest on break.
  • Be informed - Your college likely has the dimensions of each dorm room listed on their website. Look at the dimensions of your closet space, bed, and desk to determine how much you can fit.
  • Use every inch – To achieve a clean, clutter-free look, you’ll need to use every inch of space you can from closet organizers to under the bed storage.
  • Invest in organizers – Make the most of your dorm space with inexpensive organizers including shower caddies, desk organizers, shelves, drawers, hanging closet organizers, and more.

College dorm with bunk beds

16 Easy Dorm Organization Ideas

From freshman dorms to fifth-year seniors with budget apartments, most college living spaces are cramped, leaving you little room for personalization and storage. Want to create an organized space that’s comfy, practical, and shows off your aesthetic? FLAT SOCKS has the best tips for dorm room storage and, as the ultimate no-show sock, they also make dorm closet organization a breeze. Check out these easy and affordable ways to organize your dorm room!

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1. Multipurpose decor

Dorms are for multi-tasking, so why not have furniture that does the same? Style your space with hidden storage solutions like a storage ottoman that doubles as seating or a rolling cart for a nightstand and bookshelf hybrid.

2. Over-the-door racks

Vertical storage is a must when it comes to organizing a dorm room, especially when you have extra stuff you don’t know what to do with. An over-the-door organizer is the perfect way to store your toiletries, cleaning supplies, first aid, laundry soaps, umbrellas, and more.

3. FLAT SOCKS no-show socks

Forget that pile of balled up crew socks, wrinkly no-shows, and sweat-stained gym socks. FLAT SOCKS are the ultimate no-show socks that are easy to store, easy to wear, and easy to wash. They’re flat, so you can store as many as you want in your closet. You can even leave them in your shoes, saving you both space and time. Radical, right?

FLAT SOCKS are soft and cushy underfoot with moisture-wicking fabric and odor-controlling tech to keep smelly, sweaty shoes at bay. (Your roommate will thank us.) Plus, there’s all sorts of styles to match your vibe from classics like dark heather gray to patterns like blue plaid for the true academic (minus the elbow patches). Nab that art degree in a pair of paint splatter socks. True cottagecore Swifties wear floral FLAT SOCKS while faux fur socks keep your feet warm while hiking across campus.

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4. Felt clothing hangers

Felt hangers are thinner and more kind to your clothing than plastic or wire hangers. They allow you to fit more clothes in your closet and they keep your blouses and sweaters from slipping off, getting rid of that pile of forgotten shirts at the bottom of your closet.

For another smart clothing storage tip, use hangers that store multiple pieces of clothing like five-in-one hangers for jeans and slacks.

5. Hanging closet organizers

From mesh cubbies for delicates to sturdy hanging drawers that offer hidden storage, a dorm closet organizer expands your space. Shoe organizers with slim pockets store multiple pairs and you can drop your FLAT SOCKS right inside. Matching closet organizers with cloth shelves and cubbies store folded shirts or towels while accessories are best kept on an over-the-door rack for caps, scarves and belts.

Over the door shoe organizer with shoes inside

6. Rolling clothing racks

If you’re a fashion student or just have a lot of clothes, you might need secondary closet space. Rolling clothes racks are a simple solution to fitting more clothes in your dorm. Caster wheels make them portable, and you can style them with fairy lights, cloth bins or just your super stylish wardrobe.

7. Smart folding techniques for clothes

You can fit a lot of clothes in your dorm by using smart folding techniques. Rolling your t-shirts, tank tops, pants, and pajamas takes up less space and prevents ugly wrinkles. A folding board is an inexpensive way to fold your clothes flatter, neater, and faster, too.

College student folding clothes on bed

8. Shoe racks

Put a stop to unorganized shoes with a shoe organizer for sneakers, flats, boots, boat shoes, loafers, heels, and more. Just leave a clean pair of FLAT SOCKS inside each pair and you’re good to go.

9. A board for notes and reminders

Stay organized for college with a corkboard or whiteboard on your desk or wall. Easily keep track of events and exams on a calendar, hang your student ID, leave notes for your roomie, and display vacation photos from your unique summer travels.

10. Under-the-bed storage

Most college dorms have lofted beds. Take advantage of this space by placing your desk underneath or storing a mini fridge. Some dorms come with dressers under the bed, but you can substitute these with plastic drawers that are lightweight, spacious, and easy to clean. Use them for storing seasonal clothes, extra bedding, and more.

11. Desk organization

From keeping track of study guides, binders, and textbooks to detangling cords, it’s easy to use your desk as a hub for all things academic. Take advantage of drawer space, shelves and hutches with photos, notebooks, and pen holders or maximize your space with plastic drawers and a laptop or tablet stand.

College student using laptop while sitting at desk

12. Acrylic trays

Use acrylic trays in your desk drawer, nightstand, or closet to organize belongings, fit more, and always find what you need. These clear plastic organizers are great for storing pens, sticky notes, and highlighters as well as makeup, skin care, hair accessories, and more.

13. Label shared items

Rather than draw a line across the room between you and your roommate’s space, you might want to take turns buying shared supplies. An over-the-door organizer or plastic totes labeled “laundry” or “cleaning supplies” helps you both stay organized and keep the room tidy.

14. Mesh shower caddies

Every student who’s lived in a dorm knows shower caddies are the best way to organize personal hygiene items. Skip the cumbersome plastic totes and opt for a lightweight mesh shower caddy instead.

15. Windowsill storage

If your windowsill is wide enough, you can use it as an impromptu bookshelf, a mock dining table, or a place to store your coffee maker, mugs and foodstuff like tea, snacks, and spices.

16. Wall space for vertical storage

Since you probably can’t drill holes into your cinderblock walls or apartment drywall, no-mess hooks help you use up your wall space. They’re great for organizing bags, jewelry, and jackets. You can also find no-drill wall shelves that are tough enough for holding books and decor.

Get Ready for College with FLAT SOCKS

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