How to Replace UGG® Insoles with FLAT SOCKS®

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Make Your UGG® Boots Fluffy Again

It’s officially UGG® season, but as soon as you pull out those beloved sheepskin boots, you look inside and cringe. They’re filthy. Do you toss them for a new pair, or can you replace your UGG® insoles with something just as comfy and save some cash?

When your boots or slippers aren’t what they used to be, FLAT SOCKS® faux fur insoles make the inside of your UGGs fluffy again. Keep reading to find out if your UGG® boots or slippers have removeable insoles and how to replace them with FLAT SOCKS fur shoe inserts.

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Can you replace the insoles in UGG® boots?

UGG® lovers everywhere know the pain of keeping their shoes clean. When brand new, a pair of UGG® slippers or boots feels like sheer luxury. As you wear them in, the sheepskin insoles break down into dingy, pilling, and matted bald spots under the heels and toes. They lose their cushion and that luxe feel you love.

Because of this, some UGG® boots and slippers have removeable insoles. Being able to remove, clean, or even replace your insoles helps the shoes last longer. Instead of investing in a new pair of boots, you can simply replace the insole.

The shoe manufacturer sells UGG® replacement insoles like the sheepskin insoles in their boots, but you don’t have to commit to one brand. Keep the soft, cozy feeling of your UGG® insoles plus the added arch support of PowerStep® wool insoles, good for those with foot pain from plantar fasciitis or flat feet.

Faux fur shoe inserts like FLAT SOCKS are replacement insoles for UGGs that provide just as much cushion and fuzziness with plenty more benefits. They are also the best option if you don't like wearing socks with UGG® slippers.

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Using Faux Fur FLAT SOCKS as UGG® Replacement Insoles

Along with brands like Crocs™ and HeyDude™, UGG® boots and slippers are popular for people who hate wearing socks. Because of this, the insoles often get dirty, sweaty, and downright smelly. FLAT SOCKS are the ultimate no show sock that wicks away moisture, absorbs odor, and they’re machine washable, giving your boots and your feet the refresh they need.

FLAT SOCKS gray faux fur insole

Available in two faux fur options including cozy Chestnut and cuddly Koala, FLAT SOCKS for UGG® boots are easier, more affordable, and just as comfortable as sheepskin insoles. Here is what makes our faux fur shoe inserts the best replacement insoles for UGG® boots and slippers:

  • You can wear FLAT SOCKS in shoes with or without removeable insoles.
  • A trim-to-fit design creates the perfect fit for all sizes.
  • They're machine washable and dryer safe.
  • Enjoy them at half the price of other replacement insoles.
  • Faux fur socks are vegan and not derived from animals like sheepskin.
  • They are literally made for sockless shoes.

FLAT SOCKS faux fur socks for UGG® boots and slippers make it a breeze to enjoy the same cushy, furry goodness of your favorite boots or slippers for much longer.

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Step-by-Step: How to Replace UGG® Insoles Using FLAT SOCKS

Changing the insoles of your UGG® boots can make them cozier and longer lasting. Below, you will find a step-by-step guide on how to replace UGG® insoles with FLAT SOCKS:

  1. First, buy a pair of faux fur FLAT SOCKS.
  2. Then, determine whether your UGG® insoles are removeable. If not, skip to step 4.
  3. Remove the old insoles by gently pulling up at the heel with your fingers, a butter knife, or tweezers.
  4. Trim your FLAT SOCKS to match the old insole or use our size guide on the back.
  5. Wipe out the inside of your boots or slippers with a damp cloth.
  6. Place your FLAT SOCKS inside, pressing down firmly, and ensuring they lie flat.
  7. Slip into your boots or slippers and enjoy that step-in comfort you know and love.

Which UGG® boots have removable insoles?

Not all UGG® boots have removeable insoles. Before you try to replace yours, it is important to know if the boots or slippers you own have that feature. Classic UGG® styles, for example, do not have removeable insoles and require that you clean the insole or use a fur shoe insert like FLAT SOCKS over top.

Look online on the manufacturer’s website under the “product detail” section to verify whether your UGG® boots have a removeable insole. You can also feel the inside of your boots and gently lift the insole at the heel to see if it will come out.

UGG® slipper insoles are usually replaceable. The leather boots for men and women, Chelsea boots, Chukka boots, and moccasins are a few more examples of the types of UGG® shoes that may have removeable insoles.

FAQs About UGG® Sheepskin Insoles

For more information about replacement UGG® insoles, check out the following frequently asked questions. You can also visit the FLAT SOCKS FAQ section for questions regarding our no-show sock inserts.

Why should you replace UGG® insoles?

An old pair of insoles can be bad for your feet. As dirt, sweat, and bacteria collect, your shoes start to smell, and you risk problems like Athlete’s foot. A loss of cushioning and support in flat footwear can also cause foot pain. Replace your insoles so your shoes last longer and feel more comfortable.

When should you replace UGG® slipper insoles?

You should replace your slipper insoles every six months or as soon as you start to notice a loss in quality or comfort.

How do you clean UGG® insoles?

Depending on how dirty your insoles are, you can start by vacuuming up any debris. Then, sprinkle on baking soda to remove unwanted odors. For further cleaning, gently wipe the insole with a damp cloth. You can also use a specialty sheepskin cleaner.

What kind of insoles can you use in UGG® boots?

UGG® boots with removable insoles are compatible with a variety of insole types including orthotics with arch support, cushioned insoles like memory foam or gel, and sockless shoe inserts like FLAT SOCKS.

Where can I buy replacement insoles for UGG® slippers or boots?

You can find UGG® replacement insoles on the manufacturer’s site,, or shop FLAT SOCKS shoe inserts on our website.

Fluff It Up with FLAT SOCKS for UGG® Boots

Made to fit all your shoes, furry FLAT SOCKS are the solution for people who hate wearing socks with UGG® slippers or simply need an UGG® replacement insole. You can place them over your old insole without taking up too much room, or replace them entirely.

If you’re looking to fluff around and find out whether sockless shoe inserts are right for you, check out all our awesome FLAT SOCKS reviews and try a pair yourself.

FLAT SOCKS is not affiliated with UGG®, Crocs™, HeyDude™, or any other shoe manufacturer. Reference and trademarks used above are examples of shoe types that FLAT SOCKS are designed to work with.