How to Wear Crocs™ with Socks

A pair of blue Crocs surrounded by four no show socks

Do You Wear Socks with Crocs?

Crocs™: The iconic, comfy, and casual footwear phenomena. From your little brother to your neighbor to celebrity influencers, these quirky foam clogs are loved by lots. People pair them with pant suits, dresses, shorts, jeans, you name it. There’s simply no wrong way to wear them! there?

One popular debate is, should you wear Crocs with socks? Sockless or not, FLAT SOCKS® are the best socks for Crocs because they give you all the benefits of a sock without having to wear them. Keep reading to discover these benefits and how to wear Crocs with or without socks.

Person wearing white crew socks with orange foam clogs

Crocs and Socks: What’s the Deal?

The bottom line is yes, you can wear socks with Crocs. The style is widely accepted, perhaps more so than wearing socks with sandals or flip flops. (C’mon, are we really still doing that?) Many people like wearing Crocs without socks, though, because it’s comfy and cool on their feet. In fact, they were not meant to be worn with socks originally and for good reason.

Person wearing pink foam clogs with white ankle socks

First released in 2003, Crocs were designed as boat shoes. Comfortable and easy to clean, they are water resistant and slip-proof with a perforated upper and side walls to help drain water and improve airflow. Any sock that goes over your feet would defeat the purpose and feel really soggy. Yikes.

Just like Sperry®, Sebago®, or Dockers®, you don’t have to be a boater to wear boat shoes. Today, Crocs are trending as one of the best casual shoes for women, men, and children. It makes sense to wear socks with casual footwear, but it can sometimes look clownish. If you want the sockless look with the benefits of socks, FLAT SOCKS for Crocs provide a stylish, comfy, and fresh no-sock alternative.

What type of socks are best to wear with Crocs?

The type of sock you should wear with Crocs clogs depends on your personal style and comfort preferences. If your feet are always cold or you don’t like showing off your toes, then go ahead and wear regular socks. Think this look is a little awkward? Then stick to your no shows or go command-toe. Going barefoot in Crocs is just as popular as sporting a crisp pair of white crew socks.

The problem with wearing normal socks with casual rubber or foam shoes is that they don’t let your feet breathe the way they’re meant to. They get sweaty, slip around, and can ruin your outfit. The best socks for Crocs are FLAT SOCKS no show socks. Their slim profile, moisture-wicking fabric and odor control tech keep your feet cozy and dry without the awkward vibes.

Pink Crocs with orange rose print FLAT SOCKS no show socks inside

Benefits of Wearing Crocs with FLAT SOCKS

Whether you’re a sock lover or a sock hater, FLAT SOCKS give you the best of both worlds. Unlike normal no-shows that slip around, fall down, and still show, FLAT SOCKS go in your shoes and not on your feet. They won’t show, and you still get that extra boost of soft comfort from the foam shoes you love. Here's why people love wearing FLAT SOCKS with Crocs:

  • Less Sweat – Crocs are the best shoes for sweaty feet, and if you have a condition like hyperhidrosis, FLAT SOCKS create a moisture wicking barrier in your shoes to keep your feet dry and prevent wet shoe problems like blisters.
  • Non-Slip – Some foam shoe styles are slicker than others, making it dangerous to wear them barefoot. FLAT SOCKS have a textured bottom for extra grip, creating a nonslip surface inside with no more annoying adjustments.
  • No Stink – Wet socks and shoes can breed bacteria and produce a bad odor, causing quite a stink. FLAT SOCKS have odor control tech to help keep your feet fresh.
  • Warm & Cool – Cold feet keeping you covered up? Turn any Croc into the furry kind with faux fur FLAT SOCKS. If your feet are too hot, try mesh FLAT SOCKS for a comfy, breathable sock.
  • Longer Lasting – Wearing socks can make your shoes last longer, especially when you have a sockless shoe insert like FLAT SOCKS to protect them from the inside out.
  • Easy to Wash – Just like Crocs, FLAT SOCKS are designed to be easy to keep clean. Just toss your FLAT SOCKS in the washing machine like regular socks.
  • Great for Kids – Kids hate socks as much as they love Crocs. Give them a sock they’ll love, too, with FLAT SOCKS Kids. Ideal for all ages and kids with sensory needs, you can trim them to fit your toddler or kid’s Crocs with ease.

Blue Crocs with leopard print no show socks inside

How to Style Socks with Crocs

Crocs come in a range of colors, patterns, and designs so people can show off their personal style in complete comfort. FLAT SOCKS no show socks make it a breeze to personalize your shoes while also maintaining that feet-freeing feel.

Are your black Crocs a must-wear for work and home? Streamline your look with the comfort of classic FLAT SOCKS in colors like black and dark heather gray. If Barbiecore is your thing, slip a pair of pink no-show socks into your pink clogs.

FLAT SOCKS also come in different prints and patterns like peachy rose, paint splatter, and blue plaid. Black camo FLAT SOCKS are the ultimate camouflage for camo clogs while leopard print gives your sparkly shoes a luxurious feel. Undecided on what color to wear? Wear them all with rainbow FLAT SOCKS!

If your child loves adding astronaut charms and unicorns to their foam shoes, introduce them to rocket ships, dinosaurs, rainbows, and more with FLAT SOCKS Kids.

Green foam clog with rainbow FLAT SOCKS no show sock inside

FLAT SOCKS: The Best Socks to Wear with Crocs

While it is okay to wear Crocs with socks, the right way to wear them depends on what feels most comfortable for you. Plenty of people who hate wearing socks choose these comfy, breathable shoes to keep their feet cool. Put an end to the debate over socks with Crocs and instead choose FLAT SOCKS for a more comfortable, stylish, and freeing feel in all of your shoes.

FLAT SOCKS is not affiliated with Crocs™, Sperry®, Sebago®, Dockers®, or any other shoe manufacturer. Reference and trademarks used above are examples of shoe types that FLAT SOCKS are designed to work with.