Spring 2023 Shoe Trends

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Trending Shoes for Men & Women this Spring/Summer

Perhaps you’ve already witnessed some of the avant-garde fashion trends of 2023. From sheer skirts with clearly visible underwear to denim-wrapped everything, casual and comfortable with a touch of “what is that?” seems to be the next big thing. Shoes, of course, are always a hot topic on the catwalk, but 2023 spring shoe trends reflect the modern consumer’s need for versatile footwear.

Keep reading to learn about what shoe styles are trending this spring and summer. Worried about socks cramping your new style? Stay on trend with FLAT SOCKS no-show shoe inserts.

What are the Fashion Trends for Spring 2023?

What shoes will be popular in spring 2023? Many fashion experts and stylists have found that today’s fashion savvy consumers are looking for shoes they can wear for different occasions. Whether you need a new statement heel for date night or sneakers that match your hybrid work lifestyle, the newest spring shoe trends have you covered.

Models wearing shoes on a runway

According to experts at Vogue, Elle, Glamour, and more, this spring’s styles encompass beauty and comfort with a boost of self-confidence. From Bottega Veneta to Ralph Lauren, many great stylists designed looks that evoke aesthetics like grunge, Y2K, baddie, etc.

Textures and materials like mesh, denim, flannel, cargo, satin, and feathers predominate this year’s fashion shows along with accents like pockets, studs, buckles, oh...and more pockets. Like, a lot more pockets. When it comes to trending shoes in 2023, most designers both high-end and mainstream follow these three categories:

  • Casual Comfort (loafers, sneakers, mules, etc.)
  • Surrealist Shapes (stilettos, thigh high boots, wedges, etc.)
  • Revamped Classics (ballet flats, Mary Janes, etc.)

Assorted shoes trending in spring 2023

Top Shoe Trends for Spring/Summer

Some spring shoe trends of 2023 are less likely to be worn outside of Paris Fashion Week. And no, we won’t be discussing those viral Big Red Boots by Brooklyn-based art collective MSCHF. However, the following shoe types help summarize what’s in style for men’s and women’s footwear this spring and summer.

Ballet Flats

Dislike high heels as much as you hate wearing socks? Chances are, the classic ballet flat is your go-to shoe. Spring 2023 fashion welcomes ballet inspired flats as a stylish, versatile option you can wear anywhere. Brands like Miu Miu, MM6, and others are celebrating the balletcore aesthetic with satin ballet flats that boast elegant elastic straps, bow ties, buckles, studs, and rhinestones.

On trend hues include soft pastels, bright neutrals, and some bolder colors like yellow and lime green. Socks aren’t exactly a great match for this style of shoe, so pair your favorite flats with no-show FLAT SOCKS instead. Check out FLAT SOCKS in pink, purple, and sand.

Retro Sneakers

Sporty chic and casual, low top sneakers are big in both men’s and women’s shoes this spring. This retro sneaker look is being worn by celebrities all up and down Sunset Strip, sporting brands like Adidas and Gucci. Look for flat soccer shoes with the classic three-stripe design for the best shoe to wear to the gym, out to brunch, or for a long day hiking across campus.

Surrealist shapes and exaggerated proportions are also in style this spring. One of the biggest trends in men’s shoes are skater shoes, making their way back from 90’s fashion with oversized rubber soles, perforated shapes, and saturated colorways. Keep your feet dry, comfortable, and cool by wearing FLAT SOCKS in coordinating styles including coral checkered and splatter paint.

Chunky Soles

The lug sole boot took last year by storm in every aesthetic from normcore to grunge. This chunky sole look can now be found in loafers, sneakers, knees highs, and more for spring 2023. Platform shoes including thick-soled combat boots and ankle booties emerge from the likes of Louis Vuitton, Puma, Prada, Dr. Marten, and Madden Girl.

Black FLAT SOCKS as well as neutral hues like light heather grey and dark heather grey cozy up any pair of Chelsea Boots or lug sole loafers, providing a sweat-free way to wear boots without socks. When shopping for boots on trend this spring, look for leather or suede booties with an extra thick sole.

Knee High Boots

Another timeless trend, knee high boots and thigh high boots are the best shoes to wear when transitioning from chilly spring mornings to warm and sunny afternoons. Of course, with warmer weather may come sweatier shoes, so place leopard print FLAT SOCKS in your boots to stay chic, cool, and dry.

This spring, designers emphasize contrast and shape, putting out designs like thigh highs with thick, slouching fabric folds and thin stiletto heels as well as knee high sock boots with chunky platform heels.

Western Boots

Lasso this look for spring. The trending cowboy boot hosts an elevated look, boasting colorful and metallic finishes as well as some more classic stylings like embroidered leather. Whether you’re a cowgirl at heart or a city boy looking to sport your favorite honky tonk fashions, the western boot is a great pick. Hold on to your boots till the cows come home with cow print FLAT SOCKS.

Inverted High Heels

Valentino, Bottega Veneta, Dior, and other big-name brands revere the inverted heel. This is when the heel or wedge of a high heeled shoe curves or juts in toward the foot rather than touching the ground in a straight line. Inverted high heels and pumps or wedges with undulating profiles are trending in shoes for women this spring.

For a subtler version of this whimsical look, choose a kitten heel with a one to two-inch lift that inverts just past the bottom of your heel. Of course, the quirkier the better when it comes to showing off your style, which is why FLAT SOCKS offers so many prints and patterns for you to strut your stuff inside and out.

Versatile Loafers

Among men’s shoe trends this spring, loafers and casual dress shoes are the ideal balance for those who want a stylish slip-on they can wear to the office or on a night out. Formal loafers with laces, too, are a top pick, with textures like velvet or suede featuring statement buckles.

Looking for a no show sock for men’s dress shoes or an insert for oxfords? Green plaid and blue plaid FLAT SOCKS exude light academia when placed in your leather mules, suede chukka boots, or low-cut loafers.

Modern Mary Janes

A classic shoe with a modern twist, Mary Janes are more than the black round-toe pump and buckle that they used to be. Today’s styles of Mary Janes range from ballet flats to stilettos and wedges. This popular women’s shoe has infinitely more looks than it once did with fashion designers opting for thicker soles, chunkier heels, multiple straps, and flashy buckles.

Not a fan of the white ruffled socks with your brand new MJ’s? Choose FLAT SOCKS instead with classic options to go with your timeless style.

Stay in Style with FLAT SOCKS

Each season, more shoe styles emerge on the runway that simply look better without socks. Shoes for spring 2023 like loafers, flats, and retro sneakers are a few to name. You could wear no-shows, but even they sometimes find a way to show, or slip so far down to your toes that you wonder why you have them on in the first place.

Woman placing fur insert into green and black sneaker

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