12 Great Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Christmas stocking with FLAT SOCKS no show socks inside

Fun Stocking Stuffers for Kids, Toddlers & Teens

Imagine a peaceful Christmas morning. You’re off work, you get to sleep in, and you’ll be spending time with all your loved ones. Of course, that is until your children come running down the stairs and to the tree, where they start rooting for presents.

“Oh, look!” says your hard-to-please pre-teen or brutally honest first grader. "I got socks for Christmas... again.” They toss them to the side or fake a smile, knowing full well they wanted something more.

Don’t spend another holiday dishing out money on stocking stuffers your children don’t want. Instead, check out our gift guide on practical, fun, and cheap stocking stuffers for kids by FLAT SOCKS®, the ultimate sock for kids who hate socks (even on Christmas).

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What should I put in my kid’s stockings?

Stocking stuffers are small presents that cost very little. Some families might set a dollar amount for each stocking or an item limit. Whether you’re looking for small gifts for under the tree or a white elephant gift for your child’s school gift exchange, the best stocking stuffers for kids are fun, practical, and budget-friendly.

Classic stocking stuffers like candy, hair accessories, and personal care items are good fillers, but you should pick at least one unique gift your child will love. This gift should satisfy their interests and be practical.

For example, FLAT SOCKS Kids and FLAT SOCKS for teens are kids’ no-show socks that make getting ready in the mornings a breeze. Available in tons of patterns, they let kids go sockless in all their shoes with a no slip, no stink, no hassle design that’s especially great for toddlers. Fun, practical, and they’re all under $10.

rainbow sockless shoe insert inside a Christmas stocking

For more small holiday gift ideas, here are our best stocking stuffer recommendations for toddlers, kids, and teens:

Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

Christmas is extra special toddler parents because it’s the first time your little one finally understands the concept of Christmas presents, decorations, and Santa. It feels crucial that you have the best mix of fun, useful, and exciting gifts to make this year truly memorable.

toddler boy holding stuffed animal and kids no show sock

FLAT SOCKS for Toddlers

If your toddler or child hates wearing socks, FLAT SOCKS Kids are the perfect solution. Available in toddler sizes 8 to 13 as well as kids’ sizes, FLAT SOCKS Kids go inside your toddler’s shoes and not on their feet, so you don’t have to deal with tantrums every time it’s time to put their socks on.

Washable Art Supplies

Non-toxic, washable art supplies let toddlers have fun with art activities minus the mess. Finger paints, crayons, and paint pens stimulate your child’s creative mind and imagination while improving motor skills. Coloring can also be an effective way to soothe temper tantrums from activity pages to washable splatter paint.

Puzzle Games

Wooden puzzle games are great educational gifts for kids just over the age of two. Easy to find and affordable, interlocking puzzles are also good for your little one’s visual perception, concentration, and problem-solving skills.

Sensory Toys

Sensory play is important for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. It can be especially helpful for children who are on the spectrum or those with sensory processing disorder. If they love Outerspace, a premade sensory bin with space rocks, astronaut toys, and aliens is an out of this world gift. Small sensory toys for stocking stuffers include fidget tubes, bath toys, finger mazes, playdough, and plushies.

Stocking Stuffers for Kids

For school aged children, shopping for stocking stuffers is more fun than searching for that big-ticket item they’ve been asking for since July. Here are our recommendations for the best stocking stuffers for kids between 6 and 11 years old:

girl placing kids no show sock into ballet slipper


Older children will love FLAT SOCKS Kids, too. Not only will these no-show socks for kids ditch the need to wear regular socks, but they also come in tons of fun designs. From dinosaurs and rainbows to rocket ships and splatter paint, your kid will actually want to wear their socks.

Brain Teasers

Give their brain a boost this Christmas with an addictive brain teaser. Anything from your classic puzzle cube to activity books will do, encouraging cognitive thinking and problem-solving skills. Plus, siblings can have a healthy competition of who can solve the puzzle first.

Miniature Building Sets

Mini plastic building sets contain figurines that kids can collect, building an entire village of their favorite characters. You can search for different brands, look for specific figures or themes, or purchase a mystery bag for an even bigger surprise.


A small stuffed animal or plush toy is a classic Christmas gift that fits easily inside their stocking. Kids love snuggling with plush animal toys, food themed plushies, and stuffed plushies they can collect with their friends.

Stocking Stuffers for Teens

While your teenager probably already gave you a list of everything they want for Christmas, include a few surprises in their stocking with the following gifts for teens.

person holding white sneakers with floral sockless show inserts inside


FLAT SOCKS are the best stocking stuffer socks. Your teen will love how easy they are to wear and that their no-slip, no-show design won’t ruin their outfits. With FLAT SOCKS, teens can add personality to the inside of their shoes with unique patterns and hues like floral embroidery, leopard print, faux fur, black camo, and more. Plus, FLAT SOCKS wick away moisture and absorb odor, so they won’t have to worry about feeling embarrassed over sweaty, smelly shoes.

Touchscreen Gloves

A pair of touchscreen gloves keeps your kid’s hands from freezing when they’re outside in the winter texting friends or taking videos of their best sledding stunts. Anti-slip gloves offer a little more grip, too, so they don’t drop their phone in the snow.

Temporary Tattoo Marker

A great art tool for older children, a temporary tattoo marker lets them transfer all their favorite tattoo ideas onto their skin in a non-permanent medium. Designs stay on for a few days or more and kids can practice their hand at finer details.

Phone Holder for Videos

If your teen loves taking videos for social media or streaming television shows from their device, a phone holder that clamps onto a shelf, desk, or table allows them to use their phones hands-free. No more neck pain from staring down at the phone and struggling to get the perfect angle.

group of FLAT SOCKS sockless inserts for kids, toddlers and teens

FLAT SOCKS: The Best Stocking Stuffer for Kids

Why get your kid a boring pair of socks this holiday season when you can get them a pair they’ll really want to wear? FLAT SOCKS sockless shoe inserts make excellent stocking stuffers for toddlers, kids, and teens. They’re fun, practical, and affordable, and you’ll love that they’re hassle free. Have a peaceful sock-free holiday with FLAT SOCKS Kids!