The Best Shoes to Wear Without Socks

Person putting on shoes without socks

Go Sockless in No Socks Shoes for Men & Women

Wearing shoes without socks is becoming more popular as footwear like boat shoes and no-tie sneakers come into style. Without socks, things can get sweaty (and smelly) real fast. That’s where we come in, the ultimate sock for going sockless about to tell you how to do it best and do it right.

Whether you’re ditching your socks for comfort or fashion’s sake, choosing the right shoes along with washer and dryer safe sock inserts is key to your success. This article covers the best shoes to wear without socks plus how to keep sockless shoes from smelling with FLAT SOCKS®.

Can you wear shoes without socks?

If you’ve ever been to a beachside restaurant, you’ve probably seen a sign that read, “No shirt, no shoes, no service.” Good news: they never said anything about socks!

Yes, you can wear shoes without socks but you need the right pair. Going commando in your sneakers or flats can cause problems like sweaty feet, blisters, and pungent foot odor. Wearing no-show socks instead can lead to more issues like slipping off your heels.

Don’t tear up your feet and your reputation in a pair of sweaty, smelly slip-ons. Instead, go sockless in shoes that are made of natural, breathable materials and use an odor-absorbing sock insert like FLAT SOCKS.

leopard print sock inserts inside tan slip on shoes

FLAT SOCKS are barefoot socks made for people who want to wear something instead of socks, or rather no socks at all. They help wick away sweat, never slip around, and feel soft and cushy with a seamless design. Machine washable and dryer safe, FLAT SOCKS are the best way to go sockless and keep your shoes smelling fresh.

Most Comfortable Shoes to Wear Without Socks

Tired of wearing the same old sandals or flip flops? From stylish ballet flats for spring to a pair of smart and casual men’s loafers, these are the best no sock shoes to wear if you want to free up your feet and your style:

White Sneakers

Comfortable, clean, and highly versatile, white sneakers with arch support and breathable fabric or mesh uppers let you go sockless in style. Perforations allow for much needed airflow while extra padding at the ankles helps you avoid ankle chafe.

These sockless sneakers pair well with anything from cuffed blue jeans and a button up to T-shirt dresses and denim jackets. Keep your sneakers fresh and clean with a pair of easy-to-clean Black FLAT SOCKS.

woman holding white shoe with floral sock insert; man placing grey sock insert into white sneaker

Boat Shoes

The best way to wear boat shoes is without socks. The original sockless shoes, these nautical footwear staples are often made from suede, leather, or canvas. They are highly breathable in case of sweaty feet and have lightweight, non–slip soles.

Looking for the best socks for Clarks® or socks for Sperry® boat shoes? FLAT SOCKS has tons of breezy, no-show options including seasonal favorites our classic Sand FLAT SOCKS.


Sockless loafers are a smart and casual option for those who don’t want to wear socks to the office. From laid-back styles to leather penny loafers, these sockless dress shoes offer a slip-on fit and plenty of breeze over the tops of your feet.

Pulling off this look with a normal no-show sock can be difficult and, for the leather shoes that take time to break in, it’s best to wear barefoot insoles like FLAT SOCKS for added comfort and true no-show style.

Women’s and men’s loafers with floral FLAT SOCKS shoe inserts


Slippers you can wear outside in the summer like Crocs™ help keep your feet cozy and cool. The uppers and sides are dotted with holes for plenty of air ventilation. While wearing socks with Crocs™ is trendy, they don’t guarantee slip-free, sweat-free style.

If you want the sockless look with the benefits of socks, FLAT SOCKS for Crocs™ provide a stylish, comfy, and fresh no-sock alternative.


Going sockless in a pair of ballet flats is a slippery slope (literally). The wrong shoe can make your feet sweat more, leaving behind gross stains and even worse smells. Choose a pair of knit, woven or mesh ballet flats with flexible silhouettes that mold to your feet.

FLAT SOCKS are the best socks for flats because they’re soft and cushy, help get rid of gross smells, and add adorable prints to your shoes like Peachy Rose and Leopard Print.

beige flats with cow print sock inserts and white flats with floral sock insert


Leave your socks and your laces at the door with sockless slip-ons. These fabric sneakers come in tons of styles for men and women, featuring flexible cotton or canvas uppers and lightweight, non-slip outsoles. Many have comfy foam footbeds, as well.

Make your slip-on shoes even easier to slip into with a comfy sock insert like Light Heather Grey FLAT SOCKS for Hey Dude™ shoes, Allbirds™ loungers, Sketchers® walking shoes, and more. They feel great and you can toss them in the wash like normal socks.

grey barefoot socks inside black slip on shoes; person holding slip on shoes with cow print sock insoles

Canvas Shoes

Shoes made of canvas or linen material like Toms®, Converse®, and Vans® are made for wearing without socks. The natural fabric is highly breathable while footbeds like the suede insole in some also help wick away moisture and keep feet cool.

Many canvas sneaker and shoe brands are also highly affordable and have a wide variety of designs. Look for canvas shoes with non-slip rubber soles and lower, more cushioned ankles. Add some personal style to your shoes with Rainbow FLAT SOCKS.

White Vans shoes next to red floral FLAT SOCKS shoe inserts

Knit Walking Shoes

Knit walking shoes, also called sock shoes, are casual shoes for women and men. They have ultra stretchy uppers made of soft, breathable fabric and lightweight, flexible outsoles perfect for when you have places to be, or you want to workout without socks.

These comfy, slip-on sneakers fit your ankles without any rubbing. For extra odor and slip protection, add a pair of mesh socks or soft microwool FLAT SOCKS.

FLAT SOCKS: Your Favorite Barefoot Socks

Why let the fear of sweaty, stinky feet stop you from wearing shoes without socks? FLAT SOCKS are made for going barefoot in your favorite shoes, so grab a pair, trim them to your size, and slip into the best sockless shoes your naked feet have ever felt.

FLAT SOCKS is not affiliated with Clarks®, Sperry®, Crocs™, HeyDude™, Allbirds™, Sketchers®, Toms®, Converse®, Vans® or any other shoe manufacturer. References and trademarks used above are examples of shoe types that FLAT SOCKS are designed to work with.