18 Halloween Costume Ideas For 2023 By FLAT SOCKS®

Two people dressed as ghosts for Halloween

Halloween Costumes for 2023: Adults, Couples & Kids

Halloween is only a couple of weeks away. Do you have your costume ready? FLAT SOCKS® has several store-bought and DIY Halloween costume ideas. But first, what ruins an outfit or costume more than a pop culture reference nobody gets? Socks, of course!

FLAT SOCKS are the best no show socks for making your 2023 Halloween costume your scariest, hottest, cutest, whatever-est yet. They keep your feet comfortable and dry, and they’re truly no-show, so the full attention is on you and your costume. Check out these pop culture and classically themed Halloween costumes for adults, couples, and kids:

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What Halloween Costumes Will Be Popular In 2023?

As the year of nostalgia in pop culture and media, the most popular Halloween costumes of 2023 are mostly iconic throwbacks. We’re updating classic looks, but also appreciating their traditional roots. From your favorite pop artist to the Mario bros and a well-known doll in pink, here are your top 2023 Halloween costumes:

Woman dressed as a witch standing next to person dressed as a ghost

Adults & Teens

Wednesday Addams

Any member of this famed gothic family could pass for a phenomenal Halloween costume and, since the 1960s, it has. Jenna Ortega’s revival of Wednesday Addams, however, breathes new life into the spooky character.

Either shop online for a pre-made outfit or create your own Wednesday Adams costume with a black babydoll dress, tulle shall, sheer tights, and combat boots. A pair of Black FLAT SOCKS will keep your feet more comfortable when wearing tights, so the only thing on your mind is not sweaty feet.

Taylor Swift

What Taylor Swift Era are you? Swifties have been loving 2023 with The Eras Tour, many sporting era-specific clothes and numerous friendship bracelets. Go to the Halloween party with your gal pals with each dressed as a different era or choose your favorite. We recommend floral FLAT SOCKS like Thatcher, Floral Embroidery, or Peachy Rose when dressing like the cottagecore queen.

John Wick

We might not be totally certain about John Wick’s end, but you can still dress up as him for Halloween. All you need is an all-black suit and tie, loafers, and a classic pair of FLAT SOCKS. Accessories are a must including a black briefcase, a plastic weapon of choice, and a stuffed toy dog.

Superbowl LVII Rihanna

Rihanna made her come back this year with a memorable performance at the 57th Superbowl Halftime Show. Dress like the artist with a red jumpsuit or pantsuit, a red bralette, red belt, and red sneakers. Electric Magenta FLAT SOCKS are sure to complete your look. Invite your friend or partner along as a backup dancer, too.

Cereal Killer

If watching serial killer documentaries is your “me time,” then consider the punny cereal killer costume. Cover a white T-shirt or dress in fake blood and use fabric glue to attach mini boxes of cereal punctured with plastic knives or spoons. A pair of white tennis shoes and Paint Splatter FLAT SOCKS turns this frightening fruit loop costume into a cozy fit.


If witchcore is your aesthetic, then go all in. Witchy vibes are all the rage, and this is the perfect costume for all ages whether you’re going as one of the Hocus Pocus trio or wearing a classic black tulle dress, pointed hat, and spooky Forest Green FLAT SOCKS. It’s your choice whether you want to bring your broom or ride in on the Roomba.


The Elvis costumes will never get old. This classic Halloween costume is easy to put together if you have enough hairspray (or a wig.) Shop online or check out thrift stores for an all-white suit, red sash, gold aviators, and bedazzled cape. Have your karaoke microphone handy as well as a pair of FLAT SOCKS in any print or pattern.

Pumpkin Spice

Celebrate your favorite coffee drink with a PSL costume. There are plenty of versions available online, but you can achieve the same frothy, warm, and tasteful look with a white or tan dress and a printout Starb’s logo taped or sewn on. Top it off with a frilly white scarf, a green straw, and Knotty Knits FLAT SOCKS for some sweater-weather comfort.

Mojo Dojo Casa House Ken

Many of the most popular Halloween costumes are bound to come out of the Barbie movie. For the gents, the independent and horse-loving Ken might be the best costume yet because you’re more than just Ken. Get the entire look with black track pants, a faux fur coat, weight training gloves, a black bandana, fanny pack, and faux fur or Snow Leopard FLAT SOCKS to match.

Weird Barbie

Who wants to be Weird Barbie for Halloween? With a babydoll hot pink dress, teased hair, and colorful eyeliner anywhere but your waterline, you can be! Get creative and stay cozy. Afterall, this is the best Halloween costume for wearing FLAT SOCKS with Crocs.

Couples Costumes

Four people in Halloween costumes dancing at a party

Rollerblading Barbie & Ken

Barbie and Ken are sure to be the hottest couples Halloween costumes of 2023. Rollerblade your way into the holiday with a tie-dyed bodysuit and pink biker shorts for her, and a tie-dyed shirt and pants with a hot pink tank for him. Don’t forget the matching visors and no-show Pink FLAT SOCKS.

Mario Brothers

Going to a Halloween party with another couple or want a group costume idea for friends? The Super Mario Bros. Movie brought back classic costumes like Luigi, Princess Daisy, Princess Peach, and the big guy himself. The costumes are easy to find online and in-stores and, if you own a pair of denim overalls, you can even use what’s in your closet including Blue FLAT SOCKS.

Twilight Couple

For those hopping on the Twilight trend, first decide whether your Team Edward or Team Jacob. To go as Bella and Edward, you’ll need a gray wool coat and vampire teeth for him, and a blue rain jacket and headband for her.

Of course, you can also go as Alice and Jasper in their baseball fatigues with double the vampire teeth. Just because they’re cold and clammy, doesn’t mean your feet have to be. Cozy up and keep those feet dry and stink-free with a pair of Dark Heather Grey or Light Heather Grey microwool FLAT SOCKS.

Yellowstone Beth & Rip

Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler are the on-trend couples costume for those feeling a little bit country. For Beth, a gold dress, faux fur coat, and Leopard Print FLAT SOCKS complete the look while Rip’s outfit consists of cowboy hat, boots, blue jeans, and a black denim jacket. Bring the cow’s home with a pair of Cow Print FLAT SOCKS.

Kid’s Costumes

Family in Halloween costumes trick-or-treating outside


Whether your kiddo wants to be an astronaut or an alien, Outerspace FLAT SOCKS Kids are the perfect start to their costume. All you need is a white jumpsuit or pants and a shirt, gray rain boots, a backpack, and an upside-down plastic bowl or white helmet.

For the alien costume, repurpose a green tube pool floatie for their spaceship then be on the hunt for a green dress or pants and shirt plus a headband for gluing on googly eyes.

Dino Explorer

If your child loves dinosaurs, then maybe they want to be a paleontologist for Halloween. Glean inspiration from your favorite Jurassic franchise, and dress up in khaki shorts, a blue or pink button up, hiking boots, and a neckerchief or safari hat.

Does your little Tyrannosaurus rex or Brontosaurus prefer being the dinosaur? Browse tons of dinosaur kids Halloween costumes from cozy onesies for toddlers to blow-up costumes for older children. Just be sure to include their favorite Dinosaur FLAT SOCKS Kids.

Rainbow Unicorn

For sparkly imaginations, there are sparkly kids Halloween costumes. From school parties and parades to trick-or-treating in the neighborhood, your little one will love wearing a rainbow tulle dress or skirt, a unicorn horn headband, and ballet slippers or sneakers with Rainbow Explosion FLAT SOCKS Kids inside.

Trick-or-Treat with FLAT SOCKS Under Your Feet

FLAT SOCKS are the best no show socks for all your Halloween plans. They’re no show, so you can wear exactly what you want without worrying about your socks showing through. Plus, FLAT SOCKS are no slip and no stink, so forget about adjusting your socks all night long or dealing with embarrassing foot stench. Let your feet be free and have a Happy Halloween from FLAT SOCKS!

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