A Beginner's Guide for Not Wearing Socks

closeup of a person with bare ankles wearing tennis shoes and leaning against sidewalk railing

How To Go Sockless with FLAT SOCKS®

If the summer heat or annoying seams make you want to pull your socks off and leave them in the dust, you're not alone. FLAT SOCKS are barefoot sock inserts made for rebels like you who just don’t want to wear socks

Get ready to jump feet first into wearing shoes without socks with the following guide to going sockless:

closeup of person sliding foot into a shoe without socks on

Why do some people never wear socks?

Dealing with hot, sweaty feet in the summertime is the main reason people ditch their sneakers for sockless shoes like sandals or flip flops. Wearing shoes without socks is normal in warm weather to help beat the heat and keep feet cool.

Some people never wear socks because they don’t like how they feel. Uncomfortable seams or bunching fabric feels irritating for people with sensory sensitivities to the point it becomes painful. Sensory issues are also why some children hate wearing socks.

Another reason someone might go commando in their slip-ons or loafers is for the sake of style. Some shoes were made for bare feet, like not wearing socks with Crocs™ or socks with HEYDUDE™ shoes and Rothy’s® flats. Socks can ruin an outfit, which is why you might see men wearing dress shoes with no socks or women wearing ballet flats without socks.

What happens when you don’t wear socks?

We know what you’re thinking. Will my feet smell if I wear shoes without socks?

The last thing you want is someone to associate you with the smell of feet, and going completely sockless can increase your chances of developing foot odor.

In addition to minimizing odor-causing bacteria by absorbing sweat, socks also help regulate temperature and protect your feet from calluses or blisters. Wearing socks is another way to make your shoes last longer on the inside.

This begs the question, “Should you wear shoes without socks?” The answer? Of course! You just need a sock alternative if you want all the benefits of wearing socks without having to wear them. (Psst...they’re called FLAT SOCKS.)

What about no show socks? 

Traditionally, the only way you could avoid wearing socks with shoes was to wear no show socks, also called woman’s sock liners or men’s loafer liners. They have an ultra-low cut that’s supposed to leave your ankles naked while still mitigating sweat and odor.

Unfortunately, no show socks almost always show. They also slip off your heel, bunch down to your toes, and end up being more effort than they’re worth when all you want is that easy, breezy, sockless kind of living.

When you want a truly no-show sock that doesn’t show, doesn’t slip, and leaves your feet and your vibes fresh as can be, what you really need is FLAT SOCKS. These invisible socks go in your shoes and never on your feet, adding comfy cushioning underfoot with a slip-free grippy bottom, and they help wick away sweat to control odor.

man sitting on a rock and holding gray slip on shoes with floral sock insoles inside

How to Wear FLAT SOCKS

Whether this is your first attempt or your fifth, you’ll love the freedom of going sockless with the best no show socks for your kicks. Seamless FLAT SOCKS make it easy to not wear socks. Just follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to no-sock Nirvana:

  1. Choose your style. Our barefoot socks come in tons of colors and patterns from floral to animal print and more. Find your favorites in the right size and use our bundle & save deal to get all your pairs at a discount.
  2. Trim to fit. If your shoe has a removable insole, take it out and use it as a guide to trim your FLAT SOCKS. Otherwise, you can use our easy trim guide on the back.
  3. Slip them in. Slide each sock insert into your shoes, following left and right, then press down to ensure a perfect fit.
  4. Enjoy the freedom. With FLAT SOCKS in your shoes, you can finally achieve sock free style minus the stink. Who knows what’s next? Maybe it’s these new arrivals.
  5. Wash your socks. FLAT SOCKS are machine washable and dryer safe just like normal socks. Check out our guide on how to wash socks for more info.
person placing sock insole into gray shoe on a table next to plants and scissors

Other Tips on Going Sockless 

There’s no secret weapon to defeating sweaty feet especially if you have a condition like hyperhidrosis. FLAT SOCKS do help wick away sweat and absorb odors, but if you’re new to the game of going sockless or need a few pointers, here are some of our best tips: 

  • Wear no sock shoes. Shoes you can wear without socks include canvas sneakers, slip-ons, boat shoes, sandals, ballet flats, and loafers. While FLAT SOCKS can turn any shoe into the sockless kind, these styles tend to be more breathable. 
  • Keep your shoes clean. Washing your shoes in a washing machine or cleaning them by hand will help prolong their life and get rid of sweat stains and bacteria. See our guide on how to wash shoes. 
  • Rotate your shoes. Every few days, try wearing a different pair of shoes so your other shoes have time to air out. This is the perfect opportunity to wash your FLAT SOCKS, too. 
  • Practice good foot hygiene. Foot odor happens when bacteria feed on dead skin cells. Wash your feet daily using antibacterial soap to keep them fresh and cut down on odors. Make sure your feet are dry before wearing closed toe shoes. 
man holding white tennis shoe with gray sock insert inside

Go Sockless with FLAT SOCKS

Many people don't wear socks because they are uncomfortable or it doesn’t fit their style. When no show socks aren't making the cut, you need FLAT SOCKS, the ultimate no shows that make it easy to comfortably wear any shoes without socks.

FLAT SOCKS is not affiliated with Crocs™, HEYDUDE™, Rothy's®, or any other shoe manufacturer. Reference and trademarks used above are examples of shoe types that FLAT SOCKS are designed to work with.