Do You Wear Socks with Hey Dudes?

a pair of blue canvas slip on shoes next to two FLAT SOCKS sock inserts

The Best Socks for HEYDUDE™ Shoes

HEYDUDE™ shoes are a popular shoe brand for people who don’t like to wear socks. These comfortable, casual slip-ons have a light, breezy feel easy for going barefoot inside your shoes. But are you supposed to wear socks with “Hey Dudes” and, if not, how do you keep your Hey Dudes from stinking up the room?

The only socks you should be wearing with Hey Dudes are FLAT SOCKS®. These ultimate no shows have a seamless fit that won’t slip, stink, or ruin your style. Read more about how to go sockless with the best socks to wear with Hey Dudes.

top view of black canvas slip-on shoes with beige sock insoles inside

Should you wear socks with Hey Dudes?

For some people, wearing shoes without socks feels awkward. For others, it’s the only way they can feel comfortable with something on their feet. Just like wearing socks with Crocs™ or boat shoes, whether you are supposed to wear socks with Hey Dudes or not depends on your comfort and style preference.

Most people either don’t wear their Hey Dudes with socks or they wear no show socks. The shoes are breathable and lightweight, making them ideal for people with hot, sweaty feet. However, socks help prevent rubbing that may cause wear and tear inside the shoe as well as absorb odor-causing moisture and offer some cushioning.

What Makes Hey Dudes Sockless Shoes

Hey Dudes are more comfortable worn without socks than most other slip-on shoes or cloth sneakers. In fact, it might even be more appropriate or on-trend to wear Hey Dudes without socks than any other shoe.

Although they come in styles like loafers and boots, too, most Hey Dude shoes have the same structure and qualities that make them the best shoes to wear without socks, including:

  • Breathable materials. Air circulates through the shoe to help keep feet cool and dry, especially in the summer.
  • Flexible fit. Uppers made of knit or canvas with elastic lacing have a snug, but flexible fit that’s easy to slip on and off.
  • Soft, cushioned soles. Factory insoles can easily be removed and replaced with arch support inserts for foot pain, or a cozy sock insert.
  • Lightweight. Without the extra weight on your feet from normal shoes or socks, you’ll truly feel like you’re going barefoot.
  • Machine washable. The convenience of washing your shoes helps fight gross bacteria and odor build up.

What socks do you wear with Hey Dudes?

To avoid problems like wear and tear, sweat stains, or embarrassing foot odor, shoe fans often wear sock liners or no show socks for Hey Dudes. Unfortunately, they still feel like wearing socks, and most no shows slip off your ankle every time you walk.

Whether you love socks or hate ‘em, the best socks to wear with Hey Dudes are FLAT SOCKS.

five canvas slip on shoes with sock inserts inside

Why Wear FLAT SOCKS with Hey Dudes

FLAT SOCKS are trimmable inserts for your shoes that give you all the benefits of socks only you don’t wear them on your feet. While they may look like insoles, FLAT SOCKS replace the need to wear socks, though you can wear socks with them if you want.

Here’s what makes FLAT SOCKS the ultimate Hey Dude socks:

  • Odor control tech helps keep Hey Dudes from stinking and your feet fresh.
  • Moisture wicking top cover pulls sweat away from feet to help manage wetness.
  • Soft and cushy foam makes every step feel comfy, barefoot or not.
  • Non-slip grip on the bottom of the sock won't slip or bunch up.
  • Machine washable so you can toss ‘em in the washer and dryer like normal socks.

Hey Dude insoles are removable, so you can easily use the insole as a guide to trim your FLAT SOCKS for the perfect fit. If you have a toddler or child who hates socks but loves their Hey Dudes, FLAT SOCKS Kids are the best socks for kid’s Hey Dudes, too! Just check out these awesome kid’s sock prints.

How to Wear FLAT SOCKS for Hey Dudes

Looking for cow print insoles for your Hey Dude sneakers or want a cozy faux fur sock for your Hey Dude boots? FLAT SOCKS let you customize your Hey Dudes from the inside with tons of colors and prints to choose from.

Whether you’re wearing Wally or Wendy, you’ll love the fresh feel of floral FLAT SOCKS like Peachy Rose and Bahama Mama, or our animal prints like Leopard and furry Koala. Do your feet and your wardrobe a solid with comfy Heather Grey and Sand FLAT SOCKS.

Choose your favorite pair of FLAT SOCKS, use your original insoles as a trim guide, then slip them into your Hey Dude shoes over your insoles for the sweet release of sockless bliss.

closeup of faux fur sock insoles inside of gray canvas slip on shoes

Hey Dude, Check Out FLAT SOCKS

Just like visiting a nude beach, whether you wear Hey Dudes with or without socks depends on how comfortable you feel going sockless. Unlike visiting a nude beach, wearing FLAT SOCKS with Hey Dudes keeps your feet comfy and fresh with that sock-free look you love.

FLAT SOCKS is not affiliated with HEYDUDE™, Crocs™, or any other shoe manufacturer. Reference and trademarks used above are examples of shoe types that FLAT SOCKS are designed to work with.